Legend emp vault has 3% drop for red and 0% for cosmetic

There is a hacker who using mod tool from fatshark

He said that he got only 19 red from legend emp vault and 0 cosmetic

I googling after seeing this on reddit and found that these hacker had a deal with fatshark.

Not sure it is 100% true or not, but cheat forum users mention about deal between hackers and fatshark

That deal was this.

Do not release your hack before mod is launching(end of april)
Then we will put you exemption of EAC

Fatshark should do something right now


Fatshark should do something right now

If you mean- increasing drop rates- I agree. They are absurd at this point. Most players won’t ever see a cosmetic or red item at this point. FS cares about their players experience…

This guy is lucky though, he can at least skip a stupid grind…

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Well yesterday when me and my friends finally decided to play legendary got 2 reds in the same day.

Well, and some played 170-180h and didn’t see even one. Fair, isn’t it?

Well you and me signed for RNG and Rat killing. RNG is like the word says, random. Can happen in your next game or in a distant future. Fair is not something you look in a gamble.


Did I miss the memo where Fatshark said they were making VT2 a gambling game?

And yes, if I go into a casino to play blackjack I 100% expect the casino to play fair, so I don’t know what you’re going on about.


Oh you expect to win 100% of the time? ok. I don’t see a bill of rights telling that you are entitled to X,Y and Z kind of loot.


No, I expect to win a bit less than 98% of my money back assuming I follow the optimal strategy (which happens to be the EV for BJ with optimal strategy.) “Fair” is specific to context.

Btw, can you spell s-t-r-a-w-m-a-n a-r-g-u-m-e-n-t?


I can see that you are mad. Also there is the possibility that in a RNG based game you can land fail rolls no matter what. So yeah you have 0 idea what are you talking about.


You not understanding basic concepts does not surprise me. But in case it stems from ignorance of terms used, let me enlighten you: EV means expected value; It’s not a measure of guaranteed value.


Well you are complaining that you didn’t receive the item Mr. Ricky and Morty IQ 200 man. I’m just telling you that even 0 is a possibilty in the game. If the possibility is there it might happen, aka you receiving nothing you desire is in the chart.

I’m not and if you think I did, please cite it. I just replied to your comments. I’ve actually been quite lucky when it comes to getting reds, statistically speaking. Why is this relevant to the argument to begin with?

I’m just telling you that even 0 is a possibilty in the game. If the possibility is there it might happen, aka you receiving nothing you desire is in the chart.

I never conversed about this with you, so I don’t know why you bring this up. I just told you I fully expect a casino to be fair. Casinos do business in gambling. A lot of people look for “fair” in gambling, which is the opposite of what you said. Ergo your generalization was wrong.


I found the Kent Hovind of the Fatshark forums, ladies and gents.


The point you are missing is, there is no concept of fair, when something can bring you any result, either you like it or not. Even we buffed the chance to 50%, there is still a chance that someone will come empty handed.

Something fair is when you know what is the end results of such actions so therefore you have a measurement to apply with.

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The abysmally low droprates seems to me to be a shield over the fact that a lot of things are not done, cosmetics and such that come second to gameplay issues and the likes.

Save your vaults.


I agree that the droprate is as low as it is to pad out playtime for the completionists while fatshark finishes the game. Dirty trick to pull in my eyes.


Really unfortunate, i’ve found a few reds but some are duplicates, and 1 is executioners sword which is basically unusable because of phantom swings, so Im not even happy about finding reds right now :confused:

Look even if we make this a 1:1 to gambling, gambling odds are regulated to have at least certain minimum payout. This is one of the strongest arguments for regulations of lootboxes honestly is to make sure that the different payout rates have a minimum threshold of “value” for the player. While value is harder to parse for cosmetics than dollars, companies certainly do this already via their rarity systems.

stop trolling dude. please flag this guy.

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Yeah he sure is lucky. He can skip straight to the point where there’s no point in playing anymore and go hack some other game! What a lucky guy!