Red loots %Drop


Is it normal that after more than 180 Hours playing, a lot of emperor/general chests in Champion & in Legend (a lot of chests opened), i NEVER loot a RED drop ???

What is the % of chance to get one ?

A frustrated user …

Thank you.

It´s RNG… i got 8 right now, after playing 210hours…

Don´t be frustrated, because of red items. Just roll the others or give a **** about 1% that´s left.

Play for fun mate. :wink:

The answers are here.

Thank you for your answers but that post is NOT a good answer !

I got a friend with 500 hours and he’s full of RED loots … And others with less than me and already got 2-3 red loots.

If creators want to keep players they should give more chance to loot reds on LEGEND with emperors or general chest.

That’s my opinion but i’m already frustrated by the game itself as i’ve done all the maps, now my challenge is to get red stuff so … that’s annoying to farm a lot and drop nothing !


That is one of the Top concern in the community. The rare drop rate of red weapons /comsetic.

Fatshark does not give a damn, its simple as that.


I pointed out two weeks after launch that this was going to be an issue in a few months when the rest of the community got to the point they were running legend/champ on the regular. It was “buffed” at one point to no noticeable difference, and otherwise hasn’t been addressed.

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Yeh as soon as you reach endgame it’s like, “oh man is this game’s reception gonna tank when more people hit endgame…”

There’s lots I still like about the game but it has a lot of major, fundamental design flaws right now that haven’t been sufficiently addressed.

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Maybe the new “achievements and challenges” system in the upcoming content update will have some system in place that allows us to work towards reds and cosmetics.
TBF I still play the game every night, and I am not bored yet. That being said I still have 2 more characters to get to 30. I am also not super comfortable at Legend level yet. Still lose more Legend than win.
I still have some goals to worth through.
A few nights ago I opened 15 champ generals, 10 champ emps, two legend emps, and several lower tier legend chests, and about 20 comm chests.
Not a single red nor cosmetic.
I have 2 reds in about 180 hour play time or so. A necklace and a trinket. Received them both on the same night too. Lol.

I’ve opened up almost 400 commendation chests and have yet to get a cosmetic bud. The RNG is real.

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Sure mate. You didn’t get any reds in 180 hours, but because one of your friends got lucky my calculations are faulty. Great logic! :+1:

People sometimes don’t get reds even after opening more than 100 chests in a row. Good luck not repeating their fate.


Can’t argue with math.

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I’m a 1%er!

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In a group the other day where playtime ranged from 250-400+ hrs, where between us all we had opened well over 1000 Commendation Chests, not one of us had ever received a single cosmetic.

Reds started dropping alot for me the moment I stopped chasing gen and emp vaults. Reds drop relatively consistently from anything Soldier below.

Look this, Idea: More +Level Ups = More Red Items?
I have 355hPlayed, 3 Red Items, 2 Red are Double, 1 Red a Weapon what i never Play ^^