Would be nice to get a Dev response about drop rates and dust usage

People really seem to be on edge about this topic and honestly it would be reassurring to hear the devs say something about it.


I agree. The cat is out of the bag on drop rates and it seems you can expect a 4% or so drop rate for reds per Emperor Vault, the hardest chest in the game to acquire. Therefore it seems like the loot chance at the high end at least is even more punishing than it was in Vermintide 1. At this rate you will actually end up with a ton of players who will complete hundreds of legendary runs and end up with just 1 or 2 reds, reds they may not even want to use.
This is a very serious problem that is already driving players away, or at least discouraging them from opening chests until “drops are changed”, and as soon as Fatshark gets a handle on game stability and balance the loot system in general (not just drops) needs some work.

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I have a few reds I don’t even want, im sitting at 215 hours with nothing but achievs to show for it and I started running legend at like 80 hours or something like that, idk day 1 of release so i’ve opened a ton of boxes.

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