Opened lots of Chests right before the update

Hi guys,
I had saved up 30-ish Champion General Chests, around 10 Champion Emperor + a few Legend vaults. Unfortunately I opened ALL of them just a day before the the latest 1.0.5 update and I did not receive a veteran item. After noticing the drop rates have been “drastically increased”, I feel so bad cause it seems weeks of grinding is gone and I am wondering if there are many players sharing the same situation.

I wish there was some early notification to warn players that Fatshark is planning to change/upgrade the looting system because if I knew this is happening I would have definitely opened them after the update. Hope there will be a fix for it.

Warning: In the next few months there will be heavy patching since the balancing of items, difficulty, careers and talents are not done yet, sadly.


I got 3 reds today. Feels refreshing.

Where did they say this? Thx at the bottom =)

Oh, thx!

So do reds and cosmetics drop in veteran chests now? And do they drop more frequently in champ/legendary chests?

Same here but don’t wait for a “fix”.
Thats (sadly) the state of modern videogames and fatshark is by far no exception.
We are right now in the middle of the actual beta. As I said thats the thing to do in the industry today. Get your game somehow in a running state, release it, then start to fix the basics like performance and breaking bugs for a few months to make it actually 100% playable, then go for the minor bugs (I foresee ratlings will volley trough walls until winter) and after all this begin to shape the balance in a sensefull way (making stuff that isn’t meta playable for example). The real release of most games is about one or two years later right now

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