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Hi, I am a Xbox user and have been hooked on Vermintide for about a month now. I have recently purchaced the DLC and completed both stages on champion and got 6 of the new loot boxes from the book. I opened all six boxes and basically got 3 new cosmetic’s and 3 new legendary weapons (for different characters, I was using Kirillian when opening the boxes) I got a sword and shield (Kruber) Drakefire pistols (Bardin) and Longsword (Victor) after opening the boxes. I then switched to those characters and the weapons are not in my inventory on any of the characters. I do have all the cosmetic gear from the new boxes but none of the weapons. I love this game but wont bother to play if the most valuable loot in the game that I earned just disappears. Please let me know if there is a fix or somethings b/c I really don’t want to risk opening up anymore loot boxes and loosing my stuff. I assume you guys already know about the frequent disconnects on Xbox live since the update as well.

The boxes from the dlc are only cosmetic items for your weapons and characters.

This again.


Oh my…

Should probably explain it a bit better… You have to go to your crafting menu, then move to the “apply illusion” tab. From there you can apply your new weapon illusion. You can extract it and put it on another weapon later as well if you wish, such as when you get a red item. Also, make sure you don’t have the weapon equipped that you want to apply the illusion too, or it won’t show up.


Do you honestly think you’re just going to get handed what is effectively red weapons out of 1 of 3 weekly boxes you have to do very little effort for on any difficulty…

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You mean like getting reds out of lvl up chests? Like my brother in law did on his lvl 15 kruber, first character?

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He’s a lucky guy. I’ve had about 3 reds out of comm chests in 900 hours of play.

we just got the DLC on xbox a few days ago chill out…

I’ve literally gotten all my from empire chest, and few commendation chest… absolutely none from vaults around 20 total 4 or 5 being empire vaults that Ive gotten, hasnt been that many, I am only 9/13 on completing all legendary… it is insanely difficult to get a decent team together on console that can do it, and then hope there is no lag or people getting kicked out of the gm or a glitch… Im not complaining just being realistic only the most hard core players can do it and there arent that many on the console as of yet, alot of casuals got the gm when it was availible through Xbox gm pass like myself, but console is dominated by A1 titles like D2, 2K, FortN, PUBG so on and so forth…

Hi!!! i have the same problem in xbox,
any solution?
:frowning: this is too bad.

Did you not read the thread?

Well, Xbox port is not in the best state atm (as far as I know) but it is getting better, so I’d guess you’re gonna see more and more competent players on Legend.
But you can always ask around reddit for a stable party members. I’ve already seen a couple of similar posts of Xbox players asking/looking for party members.

You just made my day happy .
I did not understand it until now. Thank you very much!

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