New weapons loot not in inventory

Issue Summary: Disappearing loot

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Do new DLC maps on Champion and complete them and get new loot boxes in Okri’s challenge book for beating both boards recruit-veteran for total of 6
  2. Go to spoils of war and open chest with Kirillian and get 3 pieces of legendary loot for different characters, sword and shield for Kruber, Long-sword Victor, and Drakefire pistols for Bardin.
  3. Go to each character to check out new gear, and its nowhere to be found, all 3 pieces are just gone and didn’t make it into my inventory somehow

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%) I lost 100% of my weapons but kept 100% of my cosmetics

Additional Information: I am on Xbox live gamertag bud yungnfresh I did not accidentally delete them, I never even seen them in my inventory. When I was opening loot boxes the weapons had a purple glow to them rather than the normal blue, I also checked all 15 characters inventory individually just to make sure and none of them have any new legendary weapons

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hi, this is a common issue that’s reported. the ‘purple-glow’ items are actually illusions, and not actual weapons.

the title for those items read ‘weapon skin’.

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As Mookanana has already mentioned, it does indeed sound like you’ve received weapon skins (illusions) as opposed to actual weapons. The Bögenhafen Strongboxes will only drop cosmetics. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a million bro, loving this community so far…

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