(Xbox) Not receiving Bogenhafen Strongbox rewards

Issue Summary:
I opened both my recruit and veteran rewards for completing The Pit.(red skin and red sword) Host leaves and once back in party i only have skin and no sword.
Steps to Reproduce:

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Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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Could you stop opening new threads with the same issue over and over again? There is an “Edit Button”, if you´ve got additional informations.


You wouldn’t have received a weapon from the Bögenhafen Strongboxes, as they only drop cosmetics. :slight_smile:

We’re aware of the confusion and are looking in to how we can make this clearer for our players.


Maybe a huge pop up before you open a Bogen Box that says “These are illusions NOT weapons you filthy heretics!”

Seriously though…it seems plain as day to me that you get illusions not weapons. Heck, theres no stats attached to them. That may be a sign right there…

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