Let’s talk Bögenhafen chests

so I opened 3 new DLC chests with my Elf.
I recieved:
1: a purple pickaxe skin.
2. A Armor skin for Bardin.
3. A hat for Bardin.

I opened the chests with Kerrilian Way the hell did I get Bardin stuff??? 2nd The pickaxe skin was nowhere to be found…
So useless items.
The items is supposed to be for the class that opens the chests not for a different class is this your new RNG idear??? If so u have truly failed AGAIN.
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Sure let’s talk… Without the drama… in the feedback section. This is obviously not a bug.


The Bogenhafen chests drop equipment for all careers. It does not matter which opens them. FS say this is because of the small “pool” of these items.
This only applies to the Bogenhafen strongbox.

As for not getting the war pick illusion:
You switched to Bardin and checked available illusions for a war pick?


I am very disappointed with this method. I typically play two characters and after 4 boxes I only have items for people I don’t typically play. That’s a hollow grind with no payoff.
My wife had the same issue with her elf, but she doesn’t care for cosmetics and refuses to apply a purple crossbow because she thinks it looks silly.

Please make it so the pool prefers the character opening the chest. If they have nothing left then look at other characters. This is a wholly unsatisfying grind with no sense of accomplishment.


here’s the problem. if you select the bogenhafen lootbox in the game before opening, it CLEARLY states that the loot will be for your currently selected character (showing a character icon)

i understand that it’s copy pasted from normal lootboxes, but this definitely needs to be changed.


Completely agree and that is why we are seeing a lot of posts for this issue as well as people making posts saying they’re not getting their weapons from the chests. They dont know that its an illusion, not a weapon. Not everyone that plays scours the forums and patch notes like a lot of us on here do.
Personally, I would rather have it have been an actual weapon not an illusion. Two reasons: I would prefer to have a purple AND blue version and while I do have a lot of dupes, I certainly dont have dupes for everything. Second reason is as far as I know there is no way to browse available illusions without selecting a weapon first and then checking in the crafting menu.
What I am doing now is making a list of the purple illusions I have so when I do get a red dupe I will know if I have a purple illusion for it.

I paid money for this game. There’s not need for useless lootbox like systems that require 10 hours+ of farming. It’s a crappy way to implement the new cosmetics. Next thing you know we’ll have paid lootboxes on the steam store.

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