Do not open bogenhafen chest if you collect all. you will get dupe and here is my proof

Issue Summary:
Dupe is not fixed and i wonder when this will be fixed?

i relog game and that helm is still on my inventory
can i regain my chest if i submit support?

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They said they had an incoming fix for this months ago. Could we get a fix that stops fat shark telling us things are fixed or are going to be fixed when they aren’t.

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What did you expect to get if you allready got everything from bogenhafens chests roster?

In my recollection the “bug” was getting duplicates before you’d completed the Bogenhafen set. I don’t think that they announced that Bogen chests would drop something new once you were done the set.

With that said… they should figure out some way to make Bogen chests remain relevant. Have them drop normal cosmetics? They might also just remove them entirely in a few more months?

The loot system is pretty messed up, IMO, at the moment, being a combination of several different approaches.


As I know it works this way. Chest got chance for hat/outfit/weapon. If u got all hats and your chest decides to give you another hat, u ll get dupe,even tho you dont own all outfits and weapons. Might be wrong

simple there was reply from dev that they are thinking about loot after collecting all
i am not sure when it was but likely 3month ago

Right now, you’ll get duplicate items if you’ve earned every item available from the Bogenhafen Strongboxes.

You mean that for example if someone got all the weapon skins, and they open a dlcbox, and would get a dupe skin, they get that one, or it automatically rerolls to a skin or hat that the player havent collected yet, and starts giving dupes after those are collected too?

Because there were posts regarding this stuff, around the DLC release, and im interested what way it got changed?

May I suggest to add a genuine placeholder token?
Or make the chest open a pop-up if you already have everything instead of opening?

You could both times either in description of pop-up write something is spirit of:

We thank you for playing our game and you completed many quests but unfortunately we currently can’t reward you. Have this token it just might be useful some day.

or more savage:

Out of luck? PRAISE RANALD! PRAISE HARDER! :crossed_fingers:

I will appreciate both :grinning:

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