Any plan to prevent dupe on bogenhafen?

As there are only 5 weapon skin, 1~2 hat from weekly bogen quest left for me, i searched about bogen dupe and bogen dupe problem is not fixed yet

Current bogengafen chest syatem is giving items after rng sets its category among hat, cloth and weapon skin

So if you have all hats or all clothes or all weapon skins, then you will get dupe even if you dont collect all in other category items

If i remember correctly, there was a reply from dev that they will fix this but on steam discussion, there is a player who got 2 dupe on this week…

Any fix will coming soon?
Just change some codes to reward deed when you get bogenhafen dupes would be not that hard…

I think it is not right that player who bought dlc suffered from neglected problem


I think I remember them saying they would fix this. But we haven’t had a patch in a long time and there are some lingering bugs from before/during the weapon beta that still aren’t fixed. Now that Christmas is over they should be back at work though, I’d just wait a bit longer and see.

I literally won’t give 2 shits about stupid skins.

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