Duplicate hat. Again

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Stable game version. Second time i have duplicate hat from bogenhafen chest, do something with it fatshark please.

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console-2018-11-12-16.48.09-61893467-D626-4CCB-BDB1-2301.log (79.0 KB)

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You would have received all possible hats from the Bögenhafen Strongboxes, which is why you’re now receiving duplicates. I can’t say much at the moment, but we’ll be making changes to the Bögenhafen Strongboxes soon. :slight_smile:

So when you’ve got all hats, instead of the boxes giving weapon illusions and recoloured clothing it just gives you a duplicate hat… even when there are other items available to give.

Why was it ever implemented this way.

Bad enough you limit cosmetics to 3 per week in a paid DLC but they also have no dupe protection.


I completely understand. Again, we’ll be making changes to the way the Bögenhafen Strongboxes work soon.


I only missed 1 weekly box for quests.
Soooo should I expect to get dupes from next week bogenhafen boxes?
I didn’t expect to run out of cosmetics yet


Maybe instead when we get all the bogenhafen items from weeklies, instead of getting dupes we “could” get some common “red” illusions we don’t have yet so we could apply those to our upgraded weapons? (the blue one, not the new ones from bogenhafen) Just an idea

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