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i had 6 purple chests, opened them and the next time i logged into the game (about an hour later) all my red items from them disappeared as well as the cosmetics. now i try to make a support ticket and the website seems to be down.

Sorry about this, our website will be back up again shortly.

Please PM me the URL to your Steam profile/Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID and I’ll look in to this for you.

It would also be super if you could include what time it was (approximately) when you:

  1. Opened the chests
  2. Logged back in to discover the items missing

Be sure to include your timezone! :slight_smile:

is this a pm or how do i do that it was between 10-11 am i think feb 1 and i did just buy the dlc

From those 6 Bögenhafen Strongboxes you appear to have received:

  • Hero Skin for Sienna (The Raging Wind)
  • Hero Skin for Saltzpyre (Ulrican Peace-Offering)
  • Hat for Saltzpyre (Sollenkrux)
  • Hat for Saltzpyre (Battered Watchtower)
  • Dual-Wield Sword & Dagger Weapon Illusion for Kerillian
  • Handgun Weapon Illusion for Kruber

These items are in your inventory and have not been lost. The Bögenhafen Strongboxes will only ever drop one cosmetic item (Hero Skin, Hat or Weapon Illusion) per chest. Also, please note that some of these items may be career-specific. Hope this helps!

thanks i thought the weapons were not just Illusions, my fault

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