All My Cosmetics Been Removed!

All my hero skins and headgears that I originally opened months ago from Bögenhafen and Commendation chests, are now removed from my inventory and put back into store to be purchased again for shillings!

Please see:

Edit: Unrelated, issue due to Steam downtime.

I own all the DLCs but I am missing all Bogenhafen related Illussions and skins. Also I never had steam family share.

It’s because of steam issues, restarting your game should fix it.

Ok, well, Steam is very broken right now - would advise checking back in a couple of hours.

That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

Maybe we should… all my Weapons are gone… some cosmetics that I owned they come new (in LE)…
I need my double hammers for Bardin/Slayer back (from the dlc) - feel so naked… :frowning:

Seems the problem might be with Steam. Steam is down at this stage and probably prevents Fatshark servers from seeing/confirming that you own DLCs and as result thinks you only have the base game. Hopefully this issue will fix itself when Steam is back online.

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Yea… every time I restart WV2, the 5 or 6 skins are coming again, and again, and again.
Also the coins for LE through the DLCs - weired…

Steam is back online and it looks like my hero skins and headgears from Bögenhafen and Commendation chests have returned. I never experienced anything like this with other games before so it was new to me.

When you log in to the game, the game checks with Steam which DLC you own. If the game is told by Steam that you don’t own any DLC, but the game detects DLC items in your inventory, we hide them in order to protect and maintain the value of DLC items for those who have purchased them. This happens if:

A: a player has refunded a DLC or
B: steam is in crisis and cannot communicate with the game what DLC you own

In the case of the latter, just waiting for Steam to ‘wake up’ will fix the issue. In the case of the former, well… you can’t own what you don’t own. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation!

Thanks FatsharkJulia and Fatshark_Hedge for speedy responses. Steam going offline just after game launched was the cause of the issue. Thanks again for your help!

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