DLC content removed (Solved)

I logged in today and as spawned in the keep, messages popped up that i had “unlocked X-item” over and over, stuff which i already had gotten (all DLC content). This included stuff like Anvil and hammer bardin helmet, engineer+grail knight DLC, etc.

When i checked my stuff, i still had the hats, i could still play Grailknigth and engineer, but EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING that thouse dlc’s, so unlockable weapons and cosmetics. This included:
4 masterwork pistols (red), gone
2 Bretonian swords (red), gone
2 Bretonian shield and sword (red), gone
Every cosmetic item thouse 2 DLC’s had quests for, and i had unlocked, gone

Its like the game just removed my DLC’s, then redownloaded them.

Someway that can be fixed? Or will the answers just be “just play the game hur-duur”, I ALREADY HAVE 580 hours INTO IT.

Well, stupid question first: Did you restart the game and the problem persisted? Servers have sometimes issue connecting correctly but it solves itself next restart.

Was another fellow who had a problem like this and i think it was @FatsharkJulia who stated that it can be fixed by restarting steam a few times.

Doing that somehow “re-links” the game&your progression with steam.


Now this does seem a bit different so it might not work but it´s worth a shot.

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Thank you so much Frostysir :D. Apologies if its a common bug and overreacted, but i rarely if ever encounters bugs as such. But doing off-on-off-on regarding steam worked!


That seems to be the bug where DLC ownership is occasionally not recognized. See the Fatshark Support article: Help! Why Have My Items/Shillings Disappeared?

Restarting the game will usually fix the issue. Check your weekly quests too. This could cause the bonus weekly quests per DLC you own to disappear (and not come back after a restart). The base game has 4 weekly quests, +1 for each map DLC you own.

Note that favorited DLC items will get unfavorited if the items disappear due to the ‘DLC Ownership not being recognized’ bug, so check your favorited DLC items.

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I don’t think you overreacted, I’d panic too if I didn’t know. :smiley:

Should be resolved in our next patch.

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