My inventory is bugged/reset somehow

When I booted up the game as a Grail Knight I received notifications about several cosmetics added to my inventory. Things that I own since the release of the game (skins for owning the first game I think) and a piece of headgear I bought many months ago. After the notifications have passed I got an in-game window telling me something along the lines 'after installing new DLC your game needs to be refreshed - exit to main menu. And I did just that, there was no other choice, after that I noticed that my Grail Knight looks different - indeed his cosmetics has been reset and his weapons disappeared. Bretonian longsword and Bretonian sword and shield both in red quality. Gone
Maybe some other things are missing too, I don’t know.
Funny enough I played the game normally earlier this day and it was completely fine when I wanted to end the session - I closed the game normally.
Please help me, I don’t want to deal with that crafting menu again, let alone grinding for red dust

This might be a bug that can be solved by restarting steam a few times, there have been similar ones.

I do not know exactly why that worked but it did then so it´s worth trying now if nothing else.


This might be helpful - Help! Why Have My Items/Shillings Disappeared? – Fatshark


This is an understandably alarming but usually short-lived issue. Please see the link posted above.


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