Missing Cosmetic Items/Skins I Purchased

Hello, I had just launched the game today, as I do every day, except I was greeted with a spam from ‘unlocking’ a bunch of the collector’s edition cosmetics which I had already had years ago now. That was a bit odd.

Then I went to check the ingame store and was greeted with the pop up as if it was my first time visiting. It’s almost as if there was some strange account reset.

From there, I noticed I didn’t have some skins on my weapons, or my Bardin that were previously there. All of my skins purchased with shillings had been removed, and none of the shillings had been refunded.

This sounds a bit more odd than the problem described here;

but you might want to check if steam is experiencing issues in your region right now, could be related to that.

This occurs when Steam doesn’t recognise DLC ownership correctly - keep restarting, and it’ll resolve itself. :slight_smile:

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