Missing Weapon Skins After Update

Hey, so after this update I am now unable to apply numerous weapon skins which I previously owned, including some purple weapon skins for DLC weapons, such as…

For Kruber: Bretonnian Longsword “Banishing Blade”, B. Longsword & Shield “Pegasus Bulwark” and for Greatsword “Goldgather”

For Kerillian: Dual Daggers “Mercy and Carnage” (This was 1/2 I was missing before update), Dual Swords “Dream and Nightmare”, 1H Sword “The Doom of Anmyr”

For Bardin: Masterwork Pistol “Marazthrundtak”, Coghammer “Kalancoggrund”, Axe & Shield " Azamarkarinaz" (This was 2/2 I was missing before update)

I keep two red versions of every weapon, each with a different skin applied, so it appears that the skins I am missing are on some weapons with more than those two red skins, almost as if the game only checked which of the skins I currently had applied for certain weapons when this update happened? I kept a list of the skins I was missing before this as collecting all skins was the only goal I had remaining since I finished all challenges, so this setback is highly frustrating to me. The only skins which I was previously missing (according to the armory and my spreadsheet) were Azamarkarinaz and Mercy and Carnage. Considering I am even missing cosmetics for DLC weapons when I own all the cosmetic upgrades, this is very strange. I know for a fact that I had Goldgather, Mercy and Carnage, and The Doom of Anmyr (As well as the skins listed for DLC weapons). Anyone else experiencing anything similar?


I will pass this on to development to look in to. Could you also PM me the URL to your Steam profile please?

I didn’t have quite as thorough a look as you have but I noticed that one as well. I know I bought all the skins for the dlc weapons and also have a list of missing illusions. I’m sure I had a purple bret. Longsword in the past as well.

Didn’t check the rest though.

It’s good to know someone else had a similar situation. I would hate to have to re-acquire any red skin because of the low rng involved with getting any alternate skins, but missing the purple skins in particular is frustrating in particular because having a fully completed Okri’s book (with all cosmetic upgrades) and having everything from Lohner’s Emporium except for about 28 hats (yes, I keep records of what I’m missing because I am a total completionist nerd lol) should mean that I am done worrying about weapon skins in particular. It’s a shame you can’t verify what you had previously when it comes to the red skins, but missing the purple skins is certainly strange for anyone who owns the cosmetic upgrades.

I am affected as well, specifically noted it on the Bretonian Purple-Illusions as well as red illusions for the Masterwork-Pistol.
More to come maybe when I do a thorough check later.

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