With the new QOL patch if you equip one weapon and press on the little gear on the left of it you can see all the illusions and if you own them or not of that specific weapon.


well i never stated that he has any obligation to support them, i just pointed out that seemingly the only factor nessesary for him to continue supporting them is the optainablitly of red skins.
wich i find absolutely rediculous to be frank

funnily enough i agree with his statement that there should be a way players can archieve red illusions without RNG

In-game Armory mod has every skins available for every weapons in the game. If you haven’t got it already, now is your chance!

Some of the skins like Weave-forged ones are not obtainable in conventional way though.


Why use the Armory Mod if the game UI has the skins listed per weapon?

It is a bit annoying, that you have to switch weapon outside first and not on the screen itself.

Or have I misunderstood the concern?


i think the idea is that you just own the skins?

I was referring to the question here:

Which I think the in-game UI does answer. You can check how many illusions a weapon has and which you are missing. It does not say though how to acquire and also does not refer to illusions in the files but not obtainable.


They could totally just add all the skins to the Emporium, so you can buy the ones you’re struggling to get.


When the game was first released, commendation chests will drop duplicate headgear even if you haven’t gotten them all yet for a character. Fatshark then changed it (back in 2018):

They could implement something similar to this change to red illusions. It’s ridiculous to still be getting dupe illusions even if you haven’t gotten them all yet at 1000+ hours.

problem is that hats and illusions are quite different, a hat is one complete item, while an illusion is tied to an item, meaning the system would need to track every weapon drop in the game and calculate it multiple times for each illusion possible (including all the green and blue drops etc)

introducing such a system is asking for trouble i feel like
while @Rebel idea is basicly an established system for skins already.

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Not sure why there are those in the community who defend the drop rates.
Man has 1700 hundred hours (over 70 real life days) of playtime and still doesn’t have the skin he wants.
Stated in a previous thread that this game is over 4 years old at this point, and Darktide is releasing soon.
Add red illusions to the shop for shillings and let people play with the skins they want to play.
Not sure why there’s so much boot licking when it comes to such a toxic grind for in game pixels.


I don’t see how this is complicated. There is no need for such complex calculations since illusions are already tracked by the game. In fact, you can see in the new UI which illusions you don’t already own. It isn’t complicated to check if a player already owns an illusion, and drop a non-duplicate illusion, especially since they already did the same thing for hats back in 2018.

I see no reason why Fatshark can’t allow both. You can already do this in Lohner’s Emporium for non-red illusions and hats. You can either wait for them to drop in loot boxes or you can buy them in Lohner’s Emporium. The issue here are red illusions, which will continuously drop as duplicates (unlike commendation chest hats) and can’t be bought in Lohner’s Emporium.

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I think just allowing new skins to appear via upgrading might alleviate some of the grind. If I’m breaking 5 red items to get one new one, it seems like it’d be nice to have a shot at a new skin.

Also, perhaps if the rng for drops were not so indifferently random, it might be better. If the RNG was skewed to favor new skins for items for which you’ve already received duplicate skins, it might help us collectors to feel a step closer to the objective of a new skin knowing duplicates will put the odds further in our favor.


In retrospect, they should have made all red skins Okri’s Challenges, like the DLC weapons. Something simple like ‘complete 10 legend runs with the weapon equipped’ to get the first skin and 10 additional legend games to get the second illusion for that weapon. This would allow players to get the skins they actually want, with just a bit of grind.

Not only is the current RNG system grindy af, but you i have red weapons and skins that I hardly ever use - like Sienna’s mace.

But barring a complete overhaul of the crafting system, I think the best solution would be to just put each red illusion in the emporium for the price of 1 red dust - this at least ensures that you have to be able to complete cata or legend games to get them.


I have not read all the comments but I totally agree. I have 1600 hours, 7 red illusions left to grind, 3 of them I really want. It is ridiculous, I consider myself already a quite “loyal” player but I still do not get all I want.

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I just found out that I do not have Kalancoggrund illusion for Cog Hammer and I thought that I had all illusions for Bardin´s weapons… Is that thing even obtainable from the chests?

Cog Hammer is OE DLC, so no this can not be obtained from chests. In related news:

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Thx. So it is just another bug that probably never be fixed. A normal thing in Vermintide 2 sadly.

Yep, my post was a while ago… see here



I knew this woould happen.