IMO the game is far too stingy with illusions

At this point, I’ve got around 200 hours in V2.

Bardin is my most played character, and the character on which I have opened the most boxes.

Guess how many 1h Axe illusions I’ve come across? One.


This is a bit ridiculous. I particularly feel that once you are opening nothing but Legend Vaults (and Emp Chests from dailies), the droprate of standard illusions should probably not be around 90+%.

This is a short one, but seriously: please, consider increasing the droprate of illusions, at least for legend vaults.

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Fully agreed there. Far as I’m aware, illusions are way more valuable than hats. You’re gonna be looking at that thing all day.

It took me about 20 chests to get a single 2hammer illusion for the dwarf. It’s really just kind of dumb. People never bring this up, but I’d like it if it was just a little more frequent.

I’d like some of the default models, but I can’t shake the descriptions they gave them in this game. It’s really, really stupid how even though the illusion changes nothing about the weapon, all the base illusions are described as if they’re way way way inferior. It’s just a really bad design decision that makes me roll my eyes when I use one of the defaults.

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I’ve been drowning in illusions… I don’t really care about them though, so I just melt them down. I only care about reds, so meh, different goals. If you’re actively clearing legend, you should be getting red items anyway, why are you worrying about illusions? Unless you just don’t like veteran items and would rather put a orange illusion on them anyway?

Also, take anything JLB says with a grain of salt, as he is probably one of the most salty people on this forum as of late.

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I’m at about 730 hours. I just got my first Drakegun (Bardin’s flamethrower) illusion that doesn’t just look like the base skin. At this point I literally didn’t think they were part of the drop pool because I have basically everything else for regular skins.

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The hell does that have to do with anything I said in this thread? Think you could wait to vent your annoyance with me until I say something that’s actually at least a little controversial? It’s not like I don’t speak about how incompetent shartfart are and how they’ll never do anything actually useful for the game in every third post I make.



I find the illusion system in Vermintide 2 to be contrived and in dire need of a rework. I think Fatshark already mentioned they’re planning one so I’ll shoot off my feedback on what they could do here.

The problems:
The current system is to obtain a random illusion for a randomly acquired weapon. You can get infinite duplicates. There’s a strong possibility that many players will never get the ones they want, even with hundreds of hours of play.

Finding what illusions I do and do not have is also very clunky. If I wanted to say, see what Kruber illusions I have; Then I would have to go to the "apply illusion screen", and put in a individual template to see what illusions I have for each. This is also ignoring the illusions I have applied in my inventory, not the ones extracted.

The solution:
I think a better system would be one similar to that of transmogging in world of warcraft, or glamour in FFXIV. Once we obtain an illusion, we should have that illusion now unlocked for infinite uses. Once you acquire an illusion, we should have an increased chance to get the other illusions until we have them all.

This also opens up a window for us to pursue a goal: That of obtaining all illusions.

An ingame menu could be made to show us what illusions we have, and how many we don’t yet have unlocked. There could even be weapon holders in the keep where you could display your weapons to other players. Or a trophy room where you could show off every illusion in the game.

Why illusions were implemented the way they were confuses me, but we can always hope for the future.

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If you can point me to some hard data, by all means feel free to do so. Much more to the point, the 1h Axe deal was just a particularly clear example of ridiculously low droprate on non-standard illusions.

Now, riddle me this, smart guy: do you think that because it’s clearly possible to play the game for hundreds of hours and experience an extremely small amount of non-standard illusions, that this might possibly be an indication that hard data nonwithstanding, there might be a problem here? The point is, this shouldn’t be possible. It sounds to me like you aren’t the type of person who should be allowed access to the internet.

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