500+ hours, still lacking alot of illusions

I mostly blame this on over-saturation of accessories (amulets etc) in chests. I had plenty where i didnt get a single weapon. But getting an illusion you already own doesnt help either.
Illusions should be something you get on the side, but at a decent rate. With the amount of time I spent playing the game (I shouldnt have to mention that I mostly played legend and had a great completion rate, but some people are special and need to point that out), I shouldve gotten most illusions by now. Yet I still lack even “common” ones somehow. Fatshark please. I want illusions that dont look like a purple smurf vomited all over them. Plain old steel/wood is good for me.

wait for lohner emporium

Ah yes, I just had to go find out myself what that is because announcing important things in the works on their own forum’s “announcement” page is so yesterday.

It’s in the dev pipeline next to dedicated servers and a map editor.

It truly is not.

Regarding @Aisolon:
Sry to be a downer right here, but it will take a lot longer than those hours, rng is hitting hard in that regard. I’m at 1907 hours and am still missing 18 red illusions and even 3 ‘normal’ ones.

Oh well. Lohner’s Emporium will do, unless they decide to listen to people with thousands of hours crying that they have too many resources and nothing to spend them on, so they set the prices to ridiculous.

Playing to unlock all the cosmetics in an rng loot system is a bad goal to set for yourself. I have nearly 1400 hours and I’ve stopped caring for cosmetics because playing the game for the enjoyable flow of combat is what keeps me going. Nothing feels right to me after 2.05 but I don’t look forward to opening 400+ chests in hopes of cosmetic drops.

Oh yeah? I’ve played for nearly 850 hours and I just recently got the one hat I really wanted for Bounty Hunter. I think I’m like 35+280 something on Saltzpyre alone?

How’s that for ya? lol

Its not my goal, I just picked up the game again after 2.0 and experimented with a few weapons when I noticed that I would really like to have that one illusion, so I asked myself why the heck am I still missing so many illusions with my playtime.

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