Lohner's Emporium preview?

Any word if we will get a preview of this function any time soon? I feel that if it’s not previewed and given some feedback on once again you guys will be caught with your pants down on the entire cosmetic issues in this game.

Cosmetics are not super important to someone like me but a large portion of your player-base lived and died based on how stingy and poorly this game rewards you with cosmetic items.

If its a shop that’s filled to the brim with NEW unique cosmetic items for each class you guys are on the right track. If its some half fleshed out idea where all you did was put the missing cosmetics you can’t get right now and each class gets 1 or 2 items in the shop you are going to have another riot on your hands.


Before we were hit with WoM - understandable now-, FS said that it’s priority was bumped down, so don’t expect anything in the next quarter.
Also if they’re going to push WoM to consoles after PC release too, then I presume the emporium will transfer to the next year…

as long as a skink joins the Ubersreik 5 before then end of the year that’ll be just fi…its not happening is it?



They have so many cool things that they are working on. And I’m really excited for them, I just wish they would of made it into this expansion. Who knows, maybe they will surprise us and they will be there on release. I won’t hold my breath though. Really hoping we can get this cosmetic shop before the end of the year.


Cosmetics are super important for new player especially ,an incetive to play is get cool stuff.

Agreed. I’m one of those silly folks who likes cosmetics maybe a bit too much in pretty much any game.
Since release we’ve had very few cosmetics added. While I do think that recoloured items have a place in the game they most certainly do not count as “new” cosmetics.

Right now I really want a rather big cosmetics update (maybe we’re getting some with Lohner’s Emporium?), more than I want new maps to be honest. That’s just me though. No need to start throwing blunt objects my way, I’m fairly certain I’m in a minority here and don’t actually expect cosmetics to take priority over maps.

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I would still like to know why so many of the cosmetics in Vermintide 1 didn’t transfer over to 2. Surely that wouldn’t be as much work as converting whole maps.

I want my interesting Sienna cosmetics back.

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I’m kinda hoping that, if they’re so in love with Winds of Magic’s weird stuff, maybe we can use Essence as a form of currency for Lohner’s Emporium to unlock skins and other cosmetics instead of just making it the “perpetual grind currency”. I’m also imagining a seasonal shop of sorts if they’re doubling down on the seasons thing with WoM.

Having a grind to earn Essence and buy certain cosmetics from the Emporium that are available each season, while other cosmetics are purely unlocked by achievements/progressions (ie: reaching Weave 50/100/200, beating X waves in solo/duo, etc.) certainly sounds less off-putting than being reset to level 1 each season. I could maybe get behind that type of progression reset of “spend your essence to buy stuff each season or lose it” instead of just releveling.

Gimme my damn beanie and candle helmet already tho.

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We totally need a more consistent way to get these blue glittering illusions.

Is the Lohner’s Emporium for both cosmetics or weapon skins also?

Whatever the case i hope they hand craft some new models instead of putting on glow on every damn weapon that comes out.

If wanted to be a Jedi only with lightsabers, i would go play a star wars game instead.
This is Warhammer VT2, not Raveparty 2 with glowsticks.

Glowing illusions (blue, purple or the new ones orange from weaves) should be only for Red weapons.

Glowing illusions are cool quess, but does every Red item have to be based on the the basic weapons with an added glow on it only.


I agree: I would prefer unique skins… but I think would be better fix the current illusions.

Blu glowing illusion should be present on crafted Reds (or anyway there should be another way to craft them; dunno, for example for two red dust).

Violet glowing ones should be used only on Reds (because otherwise if I can put them also on green items, they lose their “purpose”; and also because if every weapon emits light would be a little too “showy”.

Yepp i agree on glowing illusion should only be on Red items. Just not all of the glowy…

Cant you allready do that? if you dismantle 5 red items? if i understood what you meant :slight_smile:

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Sadly if I craft a red item, it has not the blue glowing illusion. It has not any illusion.

Maybe remeber incorrect now, but after an update to the game earlier this year… Didnt they let you apply Red Skins or any type of skins that you have acquired ofcourse, to them with red dust? Not in the game now or for that matter dont spend alot of time in the crafting in general anymore so maybe not …

Any Illusion (or Weapon Skin, if you want to call it that) is applicable to weapon of any quality as long as you have that Illusion from somewhere. If you upgrade an Orange weapon to Red quality, though, it doesn’t gain the glowing Illusion - you need to get one by finding one from either a Bogenhafen chest or a found Red weapon. Some people seem to make an issue of that.

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You can use every illusion on every weapon, but first you have to find that illusion (through chests). If you upgrade a weapon from orange to red, you do not obtain any illusion. The weapon will be “red tier”, but without illusion.

Without doubts it is an issue… we all know that many players love illusions/cosmetics; and pay 5 red items to obtain one only, it is enough.

Noone wants a more farming game. I craft a red weapon, but in order to get the glowing illusion… I have to find it into chests anyway. Seems stupid.

Farming isn’t even necessarily a problem if it was less RNG. Like the 100 helms you do have to clear 100 runs with X class but its at least a known quantity and you can do legend/champ/deed/whatever level you want. Red illusions are maybe it drops for you on a leveling commendation or maybe you never see it after 100+hours.