What do you wish for in Lohner´s Emporium?

Personally, I mean the more cosmetics, the better. I´m fine if some grind is involved, but hopefully few to none RNG, or weird challenges that have to be met to unlock stuff.
I think it would be great if the cosmetics allowed for more finetuning, so many individual parts you can change (instead of hat and body it could be hat, chest, arms, shoulder, legs etc.). I think currently the best example for this is the game Mordhau, if you´re looking for inspiration.

However, the least I´m hoping for is the ability to change color of your chosen outfits - so when you get one item, you can have it in the color you want and also can make your other armor parts match. Otherwise it just doesnt look good. Foot Knight and Iron Breaker are good examples where the regular colored hats just clash so much with the red Champion skins that you really dont want to combine them.

To get around the problem of black and red skins being tied to a certain achievement, you could have the use of certain colors be tied to a condition. For example, you can only use red “dye” on your clothes if you completed all missions for that character on Champion, and black or gold dye only if you completed them on Legend (or Cataclysm). That way, red and black skins dont lose their value, while you could still customize skins using the other available colors.

Finally, I hope they dont go too overboard when designing new skins. I know Warhammer stuff can get a little over the top, but I always liked the more grounded looks. So if they put in, I dont know, armor with wings and magic glow lighting sparks and what not, I also hope they put in some “practical” pieces with little fluff and realistic proportions (same goes for weapon skins). Maybe even add some skins that look battle-worn (though ideally that would be a slider you could apply to all skins).

PS: The cosmetic I personally want the most is a helmet for Mercenary Kruber. I think it´s silly that a frontline fighter in armor would go into battle with his head so unprotected. Even though the basic hat is stated to have “metal reinforcements”, that doesnt quite cut it for me.
I´ve been opening all commodation chests on Kruber for the last 200 hours, but not a single hat has dropped so far, let alone the conquistador helmet, so the emporium is my last hope.

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A lot of things, but the most:

  • Red helmet for FK.
  • New illusion for mace and sword. Now in Defiance and Destiny illusion, the mace looks like an ice cream. As Fatshark likes reutilize, should be great the same sword + old glowing one hand mace. Blood & Destruction as name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • A beard for FK or a moustache shave.
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I want lore-friendly and thematically fitting clothing. I trust Fat Shark to do these things right, because they’ve been good so far in terms of cosmetics and such. So I don’t think we’ll have a problem with glaring microtransaction items that a lot of games have (as in, the purchasable items are jarring in comparison to the ones that aren’t).

My most desired cosmetic items are a beard or clean shave for the FK. I think his moustache looks bad, and honestly the entire FK design is horrible to me, so options there will be great.


An illusion for sienna’s flail is all I want tbh.

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A helmet with horns for Unchained that looks almost like the Handmaiden’s Barbute.


Like most of the dlc weapons, the weave illusion for mace/sword actually does use a new model. It uses the red Sienna mace from the first game (the base mace/sword uses the orange one), and what I assume to be kruber’s orange sword from what’s already in the game.

I am certain that mace/sword will get this illusion at some point, along with all the other dlc weapons getting one too.

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The weave illusion is the base illusion but in orange glow. I want something new!

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Well, I’m agree… and I would like to choose haircut and beard too; but man, sadly we won’t never see it. At least I hope it will be possible to change skins’ color, in order to have a better match with hats.

I expect not being disappointed with it. I expect variety. What we will get, though, is highly debatable. I personally wouldn’t mind more weapon illusions, and no, not the “red” ones - I’d much rather we get varied and cool unique models.


Yeah I’d love just different halberd variations. Some without the silly huge head for example, that kind of thing. I don’t need trashy glowsticks or anything, I just want more variety like that.


unique weapon skins not just ones with a shiny glow


I wish they didn’t put another nail in the coffin with micro transactions.


I wish for them not to mess it up by just offering an assortment of recolours for outrageous prices or just offering basegame skins with LED lights slapped on.

I expect them to mess it up.


I don’t mind microtransactions if they’re reasonably priced, direct money, for cosmetics only. The Overwatch model would really make me angry, though.

I expect a decent amount of variety. I also expect that they’ll finally use the ability to recolor the glow, and we’ll see a lot of dupes of existing “red” skins just with different colors. Probably a dozen or two skins available at once, and they’ll rotate out.

That’s what I expect. In the Q&A I was told directly that the paid skins will be never-before-seen, so presumably they’ll be totally new models. I just really hope for some whole new designs of outfits for the characters, either from lore or at least lore-friendly concepts.


For the steel on weapons to look like steel and not stone.

Mostly I just want it to be a worthwhile inclusion. I’m so terrified of what it’s going to look like, what unintentional things will come with the update, all that jazz.


The weave mace actually does have its own model. I have provided a comparison here for your convenience.

Notice how the spikes on the mace are more like crowns on the weave illusion. This is Sienna’s red mace skin from the first game. Most of the dlc weapons have a unique model in the weave, not just an orange glow.


I want different facial hair skins. For everyone!

If not everyone at least Bardin Lombardsson, Ser Kruber, and the Salt.

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Did you know both are Sienna’s V1 mace!
The weave got a nice retexture dough.

There is little details, but are very similar IMO. I want something really different, new and cool.

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Bardin IB no helmet and bald but with a really long beard that goes down to his ankles and comes with a pipe and eye patch.