Lohner’s Emporium: some advice

I would like to start with some appreciation: give to us free content and paid (and free) cosmetics is a very great move. If this Emporium will be well done, I’m sure that everyone will be happy: more things for us, more resources for you, Fatshark.

Now, I’m just a single player, but seeing current cosmetics… (imho) there are some problems not to be repeated!

  • Who is a cute boy? Not me. Hat/skin mismatch. If players love cosmetics, it’s because they want their characters look unique and cool. Currently, it’s not possible. Some hats are very orrible with some skins… and this means much less variety (because if I use “X” hat, it’s like I had not “Y” skin). But not only! Some hats have a little mismatch with every skin. An example is FK knight helm. It’s silver, so I’m forced to use it with the base skin… but also in that case, the base skin and the hat have “different type” of silver. One is lighter, the other is darker and more similar to grey.

  • Too many “just recolored” skin. This is a simple point. Special edition’s skins apart, we have one only “model” per career… we can just change the color.

  • Vermintide isn’t Skyrim. Every career has a lore, so it has a style too (anyway Oblivion > Morrowind > Skyrim). I’m the first who want personalize my favourite character… but it must keeps its style. We can’t just have every career black and gold (or even worse, red). For example it’s totally nonsense to see a red Huntsman or a black BW!

  • I sneeze too much. The Keep is dirty and dusty! With paintings and banners we know that the Keep can be a little bit nicer… but It’s not enough. I would like to see more decoration… and maybe the possibility to repair it, instead to have holes and rubble everywhere.

  • Luminous illusions: this is a game for bad guys and bad girls, not a “decorate your Christmas tree” one. Jokes apart, I know that players love their bright illusions… but as already said, this is a game based on a lore. It has its own realism. It’s not the classic mmmorpg where brighter = stronger. So… what is the point? Without doubt we need a better way to get bright illusions (so bad that crafted red items haven’t the blue ones)… but if it emits light, it must be applied only on reds weapons. This for two reasons: 1) give a sense to bright illusions. An example: if I can use Bogenhafen purple illusions on a green, power 100, weapon… the illusion loses it meaning; 2) make the game more serious and coherent: I hate to see “Xmas tree careers”.

  • Have you already entered it? I MEAN THE HAT ._.’’: some hats (specially 100 victories ones) are just irrelevant… too similar to the base ones.

Possible solutions? Well, I haven’t too much brilliant ideas that are also easily doable… anyway the easy part is this: just add more “showy” but coherent hats, skins that are not just recolored ones, and a way to improve the Keep.
The hard part is this: can hat automatically take the skin color… AND/OR can we choose the hat/skin color? The first part is easy to understand. Let me explain better the second one. Within cosmetics menu we should see one only skin per model (model, not color). When you click your favourite model, another window will open to let us to choose the color (how to unlock these colors? As you wish… through Emporium, through chests… or some of them could just be free).

Thanks for reading.


I would add that there should be a balance between lore and fun/gameplay. Some people enjoy the red skins and I am a person who enjoys the black BW. Our characters aren’t exactly your run-of-the-mill group and it isn’t like Bardin is leaping through the air in a jester outfit smacking rats with a scepter while his little bells jingle. A little bit of compromise isn’t a bad thing. New models is something I want more than anything for cosmetics, followed up with hats that actually match the armor.


Why can’t I give 10 likes to this post?
I’ve been talking about this for such a long time in so many various topics.
Fatshark, Lohner’s Emporium is a perfect opportunity for the artists error handling here.
Please, don’t blow it, or I finally uninstall after 1100+ hours


So…by the logic. Red ill for red weapons only. If you want to use your hard earned back to ubershriek weapons…you must sacrifice 5 other red items in addition to killing all the lords of legend. If your a completionsist…and want a red skin on all the BtU weapons you must gather 25 red items purely for the purpose of sacrificing them to use a skin…you have already earned. Did i get that math right? Because ill remind you BtU weapons do not drop from anything in the entire game and MUST be crafted. as such require 5 red dust which if im not mistaken you get 1 dust per red salvage. Seems fair?

[1] What is Lohner’s Emporium release date? This is how I stumbled upon this post.

[2] A new NPC or lodestone should be added to Taal’s Horn Keep that gives players the ability to dye ALL equipped gear not just cosmetics. To keep with tradition, give us a color wheel but make ALL the colors dark and murky. This way you can play as a BLACK, YELLOW, ORANGE, or even PINK elf. BUT you won’t interfere with other players’ immersion because colors will be darkened and muddied like in olden times. PINK or BABY BLUE won’t look silly anymore, rather you will look like a powerful noble that joined the fight against evil!

[3] Treat ALL cosmetics like achievements. Unlock once. End of story. Also, some cosmetics are currently linked to specific achievements. I wish I could preview these cosmetics to see if they’re even worth the grind.

[3.5] EDIT: I keep getting cosmetics for Bardin that are “consumables,” like the green double mohawk. I’ve noticed that unlike illusions that are just “unlocked,” these cosmetics sit in my inventory and have the option to be salvaged. For example, I salvaged the double mohawk headpiece for Bardin because I assumed it would “unlock” just like an illusion, but it simply disappeared. I played the game for about a month, then it dropped again in a chest. I didn’t salvage it this time.

[4] If cosmetics get an update… PLEASE give players the ability to inspect each other. I want to be able to copy a teammate’s fashion, or even weapon/traits/item load-out, without pestering him/her about it.

[5] Sorry for the long post >_< I just love this game too much lol.

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Style in Warhammer refers to the equipment. Color wise, it’s exactly what you want. Because Warhammer comes from a wargame where you actually paint your army THE COLORS YOU WANT. Therefore, you can have all red flashy huntsmens you want, as long as they’re still huntsmen (therefore have huntsmen equipment, and stuff like this).


End of the year, more to be announced soon, i hope. Season 1 will end on 31.10 and will introduce the Geheimnisnacht event again (because Halloween, duh).

I’m a bit confused here, Megumin. Do you mean cosmetics that only drop from commendation and Bögenhafen chests as well as challenges (aka hats and skins) or do you speak of illusions, which change the appearance of weapons?

In any regard, both of those are unlocked once and you do not have to find them anymore. Hats and skins should be favoured so you do not destroy them (well not so sure about skins, it’s been a long time since i got one), but you won’t get duplicated from commendation chests unless you have all you can get out of those, for all careers of the character you open them with.

As for illusions, they are saved as soon as you get them, even if you destroy the item asap. You can apply the illusion to the weapon type they fit on, as often as you want.
It’s under crafting in the inventory: #6, ‘Apply Illusion’.

This from Dawn of War I where you could select a panel and paint it any colour you wanted. I agree that there needs to be some restriction on Colours so we don’t have idiotic colour schemes running around.

I just want things to work. I want my Crusader Helmet for FK to match my black armour, I want a choice of four doublets for my BH and a whole selection of different gloves. Actually I just want three new complete sets of clothing.

I DON’T want purple, green, yellow or neon pink recolours for my weapons. I’d rather not have recolours of the skins we currently have. I’ll be pretty damn angry if they charge me 200 shillings for the Bardin eyepatch seen in the Game Release trailer.


Well yes, you aren’t wrong. I meant that, after all these compromises, I would like to see more “classic” colors. For example I would like to see a “full green” Huntsman (without that orrible gray), or a brown/leather-color one. If Fatshark gives us more choices, I haven’t problems!

p.s but anyway, if I can be totally honest, some compromises could have been better… for example TW: Warhammer 2’s huntsmen have some red decoration… so why don’t make the red illusion like in TW, instead to make kruber in tomato sauce?


Friend, I can understand… but it’s not my fault. If Fatshark decided that BtU weapons can be only crafted… what can I do? You must melt 25 red items anyway, if you want make them red.

BUT I can do an exception for these weapons that can’t be found into chests. Just for them. For the rest… I still think red illusions only on red weapons.

Sorry but honestly I don’t understand… what do you mean?

I knew that Warhammer board games’ troop had their specific colors… every color had one code, so you knew what color to use. But anyway this isn’t a big problem… as said, I would just like more “classic” choices, I don’t want remove red/black skin.

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I don’t think the game is designed in a manner that allows what is requested here.
They will probably flood us with the hats and skins for every currently available cosmetic, so that we can have matching sets and create new ones in the same principle.


Some official sub factions had specifics colors, but when you play your char you are actually creating your own “sub faction”. So this could be a group of “pink” huntsmens without any issue. But no worries, you could have a choice between classic factions and “make your own”.

I think there should be an option to disable all skins locally. Want a pink huntsman? - Fine, as long as I can disable and unsee it on my own screen. That and all fire effects, darn them to heck.

That’s a lot of development time for something that you could solve easily by kicking the pink huntsman that hurts your eyes =p
Would prefer that they spend time on others most pressing issues instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree.

Sadly, I think the same… thing that could also work, but only if they give us a very good variety; and mostly if an hat has the same skin color, so I can pair them, they must really have the same color. Same “intensity and tonality”. Because, as said, the FK’s crusader helm is orrible with black skin, but also with silver base skin it has some problems.

I don’t think they belong to some sub factions… but anyway they still remain a kind of “renegades”. So I can accept that they wear what clothes they want (obvly nothing fluo or excessive). The problem is that, now, we have only “out of lore” choices. If Fatshark gives us the choice to recolor our skin (I don’t think) or they give us enough choices… I will be fully satisfied.

This is straight up from the newest iteration of warhammer universe (age of sigmar). You have a main faction (here Stormcast), and sub factions that are defined by their colors schemes.
As you can see, there’s a lot of colors schemes available (for “major sub factions”.
The army you usually play fits the “minor faction” settings (your army is a part of a minor faction, you don’t have it to be listed in order to “fit the lore”, they are thousands of minor factions).

This is Warhammer since nearly the beginning.

Warhammer 40k even had, in the main lore, some spots lefts to fit your armies purposefully. Missing chapters. (in modern times, the main chapters are not missing anymore).

That’s incorrect. All assets are validated by Games Workshop itself. If it fits their lore. It mean you don’t have the same lore as them.

edit :
Others interesting links about sub faction that can inherit from a main faction, and others colors schemes :

And another image

Grumble grumble… heresy grumble… nonsense grumble grumble…


Why ? Don’t you like Space Lizards and Space Mar…I mean Earth Mari… I mean Stormcast ? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I don’t. :frowning_face:

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Going by the different Faction colours isn’t something I’d pay shillings to get. Altdorf Colours for Merc? Nuln Colours? Carroburg greatsword colours etc? Do the colours extend to your sword and shield or is THAT a seperate transaction? To get carroburg Greatsword is it buy the doublet(10 shillings) Hose (10 Shillings) Greatsword skin?

If I want Nuln colours do I have to buy the weapon skin seperate? Are weapons skin colour changes even a thing?

I guess we’ll wait and see.

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I’m sorry for your loss then !
Despite using this universe, Warhammer Underworlds is a pretty good tabletop skirmish/deck construction game that is worth trying.