Lohner’s Emporium: some advice

Yep, I know that in the WH universe there are sub factions… but here we are talking about characters that are mostly renegades. Imho they don’t belong to any sub factions.

Anyway this isn’t important, I meant a much more simple thing. Is a red Huntsman accurate? Yes? Nope? Honestly I don’t care… because if someone loves him, I haven’t problems (until I don’t see fluo skin and similar). I don’t want remove the other colors.
But it’s undeniable that the classic Huntsman is green. Or that the classic Bright Wizard is red.
So they should add more “classic variants”. Apart new models, I would like to see, for example, an entirely green Huntsman (without that orrible grey). Or a leather color one, to pair him with the feathered hat.

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