Cosmetics - old & new

New cosmetics will be made available to purchase from Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders.

New cosmetics will be available for each hero, with new items being added to the store over time.

Dear Fatshark! I’m pretty sure this is totally clear by default. But I feel it will be helpful to play it safe.

So, please, when you add new cosmetics to Lohner’s Emporium - don’t remove the old cosmetics !!! No any ‘rotation’ needed!

I need access to this in any time. In fact: at least until the problem of duplicate hats and non-removable Heroic Deeds has been resolved - I practically didn’t buy anything for shillings in Emporium in order to prevent the overweight of my inventory. I’m saving up shillings for best times.

P.S: Also my personal request - add purple skins for all careers, so that I and my team of bots look the same as in a guild uniform. You can just add re-color, in the same style as the Ranger Veteran’s skins from the Bogenhafen DLC and purple + brass Outcast Engineer outfit. :octopus:

The last is especially great - this is the Barak Varr skin, but personally I count as it Barak-Nar skin, I am very pleased. :purple_heart:


You don’t need to worry about “rotation” they don’t add any new skins… :smiley:

Now I’m worrying I bought too many already. I haven’t had inventory problems in a while - I got fed up with it, and I saved every different red and orange illusion, so I can scrap everything else in a few seconds - but I wasn’t counting on the cosmetics using the same inventory.

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