Lohners, when do you add new skins? Will you add new skins? (That dont cost money and before 2022?)

Lohners, when do you add new skins? Will you add new skins? (before 2022?)

Will the old skins that are there now disappear when/if you add new ones?


Wondering the same thing. Specifically: Will more weapon illusions be added? I have almost all reds from chests, but a single specific one that I happen to specifically want to have keeps eluding me… I had hopes Lohner’s Emporium would help me with that. Is that in vain or do I have to keep praying to Ranald?


But. They’re all in the shop oO

I don’t think red illusions with blue glow are in the shop.

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I’ll have to check myself, but which illusions are in the shop then ? Bogenhafen ones ?

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I’m pretty sure just bogenhafen + every illusion without the blue glow on them. Excluding the illusions you can get from achievements.

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No, like others said the red weapon illusions from chests aren’t. I miss only one that I want. RNG is not the most pleasant way of trying to finally get it…

Doesn’t the shop have a clock or date on it listed somewhere? At work, can’t check, but I know during the beta the hats had an “available until February 15th” or some such in it.

Pretty sure the selection is going to get rotated for different stuff.

Unfortunately… :slightly_frowning_face:

Slightly upsetting for me as I have now purchased everything I care for in the Emporium.

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yes it was like that during beta, but its removed now.

There is like no free new skins at this “release”, 90% of skins are recolor and hats are the ones that drops in chests… (i already have most) It should not take 2 years to implement this feature and then not adding anything new, especially when there already is skins ready to add, wtf are they doing? :smiley:

I was expecting all the skins that we have seen in game files PLUS like 50-100 or something NEW skins on top of that, instead we got 5 new hats for 2-4e each, complete joke.

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Oh, I know that feeling…

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So, this update didn’t add anything to the Emporium, did it?