Why there's no Back to Ubersreik loot chests?

I mean, it’s not like we have a lot of other quests to do, that we can’t open new menu tab, and players are always thirsty for new cosmetic items. So i just doesn’t understand that, i can hardly believe that your designers was too busy to make a concept of a new hat or weapon skin (knowing that new DLC maps are actually ports from V1).

The actually still had at least skins for every career (recolors) and I’m quite sure a few hats.
Use the unlock all hats and skins mod if you are interested.

Possibly because the whole Bogen Box thing was received a bit poorly?
I don’t mind the Bogen Boxes by the way.

Could be FS is thinking of trying a different route for cosmetics, didn’t want to establish a precedent of each new DLC getting their own type of loot boxes?
Imagine if each DLC had a new type of loot box.
Get a bit redundant wouldn’t it?

As @Haxorzist mentioned, there are already some cosmetics in the games files that have not been released yet.
I am sure we will get them at some point.

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They were received poorly and there’s a lot of reasons for it, as time required to unlock them, etc.
One of the reasons is every illusion takes a space in your inventory

I suppose we could get more weeklies through it though. And maybe get commendation cosmetics and regular red illusions from them once we have all the new ones?

Illusions used to take inventory space, but when they changed the illusion system I was pretty sure they re worked it so they didnt anymore.
I may be mistaken.

I do wonder what happens when you get all the Bogen skins.
I think I heard you will just start getting dupes at that point.

5 new weapons not enough?

I much prefer the ability to actually target which weapon I want and go earn it through play. There are also 3 “cosmetics” (read -reskins) for each new weapon so this is a much better way of delivering the cosmetics than the RNG chest method everyone has been moaning about for yonks.

A hat for clearing Fortunes of War at Champion + would’ve been nice but the frames are just fine.

Illusions no longer use up inventory space.

I think once you get all hats for a character you start getting hats for the others before you get Dupes. In theory at least.

Let it go about hats people.


I didn’t know illusions no longer take inventory space.
As for hats, that procedure is for commendation chests loot.
Dlc rewards are not character dependent. Moreover since there’s dup protection there (Praise Sigmar!) dlc rewards are finite in number. That’s why I wonder what we’ll get from there then. I hope it’ll be cosmetics given their - frankly mindnumbing - rarity

Thank Sigmar?

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