Why do Bogenhafen boxes give items for random characters?

I saw that one of the devs said it was intentional, but why? Why should I grind for boxes I basically paid for and get items I don’t use for classes I don’t play?



Is this just for helmets/skins? Or weapons as well?

The new weapon skins are only in these chests as well.



Yea seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve seen so far. Fatshark has yet again let the community down with dumb changes and additions that make no sense. It’s like they want the community to leave I swear.


Same here. I dont play with other classes :frowning:

On Reddit, Hans mentioned that it’s because the loot pool for the new cosmetics is pretty small and there are no duplicates. I assume that means that if they made drops class specific, you would end up with chests with no rewards pretty quickly? It sort of makes sense with that rationale.

That being said, cosmetics for the class could drop first – and then have them be random… /shrug

In any event, I find it strange that the devs provide more feedback on the subreddit than they do here. I sometimes wonder why they even bothered creating a forum.

EDIT: I find it easier to just stalk the Dev’s posting history. https://www.reddit.com/user/Fatshark_Hans


Love it. Makes life so much simpler.

Thanks, I went ahead and followed him… Julia acknowledged a crash for me and she saw it on reddit first. The subreddit is certainly more organic than the forums

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