The cursed cosmetic system

I got 501 commendation chest ,after 600 hrs gameplay, and i only got 3 hats. Don’t get me wrong, i love this game but this drop rate is such a mess. What is the intention for such a broken system? What do you want us do feel with this situation?

Pls give me a Answer Fatshark

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3 hats in 600 hours - you’re blessed my friend.



You better off than some. Others have 800+ hours and sweet F-all to show for it.

I agree the drop-rate is completely stupid and I’d rather have some kind of way of earning what I wanted.

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mhh i see

when i am on the lucky side , than this system is even worse than i thought.

I can’t even think of a real solution. There should be a priority loot system. Like if opening a leg emperor chest having high chance of cosmetic. But then it would technically reduce the chance of vet. If it goes to the commendation chest its fine, but then new player could have more hats than old, and some would feel bad about it. I think a weekly reward system that ask you to do hard quests [like finishing 6 deeds+ killing 10 boss+ finishing 3 QP in champ or higher+ Doing 2 games with said character] in order to get a cosmetic could be fine. But thats just another random idea that won’t matter in the end because the base of the game [meaning the base hats etc] are not to be touched for a long time [big update after that new dlc, with PS4 portage in the meantime… they are busy ]

There is an absurd rarity in available cosmetics with the current system, we all know the pain of it. The drop rates are so poor its not something thats possible to “farm” in the traditional gamer sense. All successful in game farming mechanics have some way of rewarding a player a little bit, in this game, they enjoy repeatedly kicking you in the nuts every day all day for weeks (months?) on end.

They improved it a little bit at least with the weekly bogenhafen boxes, which limits anyone to 3 new skins/cosmetics guaranteed a week. Which isnt bad compared to how atrocious cosmetics drops are from commendation boxes! This is actually such a massive improvement over the previous system guys it really is if you crunched the math with these drop rates.

I just opened 200 commendation boxes, just for fun, on various careers. I didnt get anything at all, and tbh it didnt bother me. Expect nothing from this silly RnG system

Not only that, most of the stuff you can unlock, does not even match with the wardrobe skins. That wide variety of looks/costumes etc, its just not in this game. Some careers have some (handful) of cool headpieces but thats it. This isnt a go to town customization game like modern MMOs.

I don’t think the serious players play this game for the loot or cosmetics anymore, I certaintly don’t. That ship has sailed… cosmetics in V2? What cosmetics? Lol

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~500 hours total in and the only cosmetics I have are 2 outfits from bog chests and the outfits/hats obtained from okri’s challenges.

You are indeed blessed my friend.


And when i look at my steam friends ,that are playing vermintide, i‘m feeling very unlucky because of their imense luck.

I realy hope fatshark will change this system, because at the moment the only thing you get , is punishment for opening chests

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No link to the topic but, your profile pic is awsomely fun XD! i love it, from what is it drawn? [and yes well… i think they should add a lot of cosmetic with DIFFERENT way to get them… not just 2 type of unlock… 3 or 4 with a lot of cosmetic… but again… they are busy for now that is sure]

thank you, found the pic dont know where it is from (you can do a reverse search)

and yes you are right

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