4 months later, still 2 cosmetics

I don’t even know what to say anymore. Maybe, just maybe I’m the unluckiest guy on earth or whatever, but even after 4 months of frequent playing I’m still here, with my 2 cosmetics. Even after 300 matches since the “fashiontide” patch, I’m still getting the middle finger over and over again, at this point I’m seriously thinking that my account is glitched or something, because this just isn’t right. Where is the system that the community has asked for literal months, you know, the one that was supposed to fix this issue, by raising the chances to get a cosmetic after each “empty” chest? I mean I don’t know why I even bothered typing this out, it’s not like it’s going to change anything, but still. This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, FS get your S*it together and make your game finally worth playing


i have 956 hours with 4 hats a dev told me this:

It’s completely random. Which isn’t a great solution. A person who plays for 20 hours can get ten cosmetics. And a person who plays for 200 hours get zero. If we double the drop rate, the the person who plays for 20 hours might get 20 cosmetics and the person with 200 hours still has zero.

So yes, I’m not satisfied with how this works - and I want to change it to be more “pseudo random”. That is to say that if you open a chest and don’t receive a piece of cosmetics there. The next chest has a slightly larger chance of receiving a piece of cosmetics. And so on, until you get one. The then odds of getting one gets reset.


Did a dev say this? If so, why the hell isn’t this system implemented yet? I mean you would think that it would have been used since day one. I swear, it’s almost looks like they enjoy watching players get frustrated to oblivion

yes a dev told me that 1 day ago, but he didn’t confirm if they will change the system “I’m not satisfied with how this works” and “I want to change” so i dont know if they will change to every time you open a chest you have more chances to recive a cosmetic

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A pity timer would definitely be a good thing.
Like say every 60 chests you are guaranteed a cosmetic.
(Less would be better, but I’m trying to be realistic and I don’t think FS would settle for less?)

You might get unlucky and it’ll take you a total of 60 chests before you get one.
But at least you bloody do get one.


That would still be a hell of a lot better then what we have right now


Hedge also said something like that but a month ago, so I wouldn’t keep my hopes up


It is taking way too long to fix unrewarding “features.”


The whole game is unrewarding


I know how it feels man. I played since closed beta and with currently 300+ hours in game, i dont have ANY cosmetics, not even one. I´ve stopped playing month ago since i was really sad of this


heh. i got few hats, but they not looks better than default. so really don’t care about it.


Yeah that’s the fun part, not only they are extremely hard to get but if you do get one it’s probably going to be either a reskin or it’s to look boring and ugly


400h, one cosmetic, which I got at the very beginning of playing the game. I gave all hope of getting any additional skins, 375h of nothing… :smiley:
And as for the skin go, It is the Elf skin from VT1, thought you get this as a reward for character, you played the most, which in my case was her.


Same here

600+ hrs- 3 hats, sounds decent, right?

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Lol :smile:

Don’t worry, we’re getting paid cosmetics. Because you know, greedy pigs. 1k hours, 2 hats…this company really is garbage. It’s getting old FS. Ban me again FShedge, I really don’t care anymore. A lot like you and your superiors.

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Not bothered about the hats(I got 2, 400 Hours), 4 months and a CW can still slide ten feet up a flight of stairs to wallop me.


Yeah, that’s the icing on the cake

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Are 15 hats in 20hours better?

If you think like that, every game is unrewarding. It wont give you anything in real life and will fall after you quit or the game is offline.

There isnt even 1 game , which rewards 500h+. Not even 100h+ in the 4 month without any DLC’s etc. WoW could give sou, what you wish… but this one is Hmm… 15 years old? An mmorpg with 5 Addons?

I understand your problem, but PVE Games will never be rewardable. It’s endless grind or youll get all in the first week. Noone can program enough content these days.

If you really want to get some rewards , every pvp game is a better option. Just win and youll earn your “hey i’m better” reward.

I play V2 for fun. That’s enough for me and every Quest/Drop is just a lil smile. The most hats dont even look that good. (personal opinion)

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