600+ hours, 300+ Levels, 0 cosmetics

Many games have made a failsafe where if someone does not receive X in Y number of loot boxes, they are garunteed one. You don’t have to tell us the exact number but after opening well over 400 commendation boxes(at least) I have yet to receive a single cosmetic drop.

People do not want to spend 1,000 hours of gameplay just to get something they should have been able to enjoy from early on. I quit playing the game a month ago after giving up on this, was convinced to come back and open the 100 commendation boxes I had saved and sure enough, no cosmetics.

Is this normal? Even if not, how can you justify this? Yes, part of enjoying a game for many is differentiating characters from Vanilla and while RNG should definitely come in to play, we are well past sane excuses for RNG.


You must be Bad Luck Brian himself, i received 3 cosmetics in 140 hours.
Gotta agree with you though, it is too much luck based.


The droprate from commendations is about 2.36%, was 0.8% before the 1.1.
Still very, very low, considering the commendation chests aquiring rate.

I’d seriously pay 10$ to unlock all hats there is. Can something like this arranged in steam store, please @Fatshark_Hedge


Yeah lets ask for an ingameshop ans not for quests or deeds , which they would drop… gg…



feel better about getting one in 300 hours now!

I am at 400 hours and doesnt have 1 cosmetic

352 and not a single cosmtetic.
My girlfriend has 42 hours and got one XD.

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165 hours got 2 Hats for Zealot

I imagine making hats purchasable is easier and faster for them to do, than making quest/deed rewards with all tuning required.

Knowing how busy they are with bugs and stability, better to have some solution than nothing.

And really its a natural solution now, that benefits both sides:

  1. we can buy game’s content that otherwise is close to un-obtainable (hats from commendations) or very grindy (100 runs for a hat). Its only for the better if we have more choice.
  2. devs get new income to fuel future development
  3. and cosmetics don’t affect gameplay at all, so its all fair for everyone

Yeah nice Future for the gaming Industry… lets buy all for cash… why would we Play anymore, if we could buy all stuff?
I know a lot of games with cashshops… and yeah the best cosmetic stuff is in it… not in the game… really Great… NOT!

So what should they develop in the future? More cosmetics for the Shop? -.-

The cash shop model is not a route you want to go down with a game like this.

In my opinion, with all the duplicates going on right now, red items should have a drop rate of 10% from Legend emperor chests, then scale it down a bit for each level of chest below that. Cosmetics should be at least 5-10% chance from lvl up chests. It takes what, 2-3 legend games to get 1 level? Why should they be so hard to get? It’s not like the hats have any affect on your gameplay. They just look cool and people feel like they’ve been rewarded. Most games sell you on their customization and cosmetics. This game seems to make them almost non-existent?

If the Devs want to keep the drop rate low, then at least add in repeatable quests where we get a new cosmetic after so many completed quests. Something like the challenges now. Along the lines of, kill 100 CW as a party, kill 20 bosses as a party, etc. And once complete, you get a new hat. gg

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Create a system which would have cosmetics that you can buy and ones you can’t buy. Develop a tier system for purchasable and non-purchasable cosmetics. Let’s say 5 tiers ranging from OK looking cosmetics (T1) to OMG FUC*KING FANTASTIC cosmetics(T5).

T1 non-purch should have a big drop chance or they should be obtainable via some easy challenges. There should also be a shitload of T1s because, like I said, drop chance for those needs to be high.
T5 non-purch, well those need to be hellishly hard to obtain, because after all they are the pinnacle of cosmetics. Let’s be honest, only elite top notch players should be able to obtain those. After all this isn’t a game that holds your hand while you play it. I’m not top notch, I’m never gonna be at Jsat’s level for instance, I’m aware of that and I’m perfectly fine with the fact that I would never obtain a T5 non-purch.

Same goes for purch cosmetics, set T1 to be cheap and raise the prices all the way up to T5.
T5 purch SHOULD NOT BE more awesome than T5 non-purch (same goes for the rest of the tiers).

This would be a win win scenario which would make players happy and make FatShark a lot of :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

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saved boxes had the old rate applied for some people unfortunately (self included)

just because something can be done badly doesnt make it a bad idea , some free to play games that sell items are considered extremely fair and good value, it doesnt have to be starwars battlefront.

Besides i do not believe anyone was asking for it , someone just commented they would actually prefer it to having the nothing we have now , im sure he would prefer what the op was asking for and most of us would agree is a step up, some limit to how unfair this pure RNG system currently is. some sort of stacking increase in chance to get one that goes up as you dont get one.

Myself i dont see why we cant be rewarded equally. cosmetics could be bought for tokens that come in commendation chests or unlocked through time played .

Pvp only games like lol ok… but we should forced to play for loot in every way in PVE games like this one… cosmetics etc. In a pve cashshop just take away the gamecontent… dlc’s with good rewardable content and loot would be much better…
I would recommend an abonnement too , if the game will get free progress/farming content every 2 month or so…

Btw the one who called it, asked for it in his comment.^^

I’m actually thinking when the droprate is this garbage, we’d be better off with an ingame shop.


Great idea…

Gaming Industry: "hm…lets dont give out any content or good loot, till the players wish a cashshop. "
Moneymachine incomINg… NO THANKS!

Where is the problem to play and get rewarded sometimes? If you want a paytrain , go to BDO… you can spend 100 of Euros/dollars etc. There because you wont get anything itself for your character ingame. You even have to pay for some RNG colours for your cosmetics… gamecontent? Grind a higher lvl than others to 1 shot ppl… its Not like they could add cool stuff you coule earn while you play… no… cashshop is so much better…
Wtf is wrong with you guys? If you’ve got to much money, spend it for poor kids in africa pls.

You definitely do not understand where were coming from. At the moment, cosmetics and reds are distributed in an incredibly unrewarding fashion, you get duplicate after duplicate, and can even get the same hat twice. This isn’t rewarding in the slightest, it is only frustrating.

When the looting system is this random, and does not at all guarantee you see a hat in 600 hours, I’d prefer paying a couple of euros for a hat, or a skin, for right now, it is a waste of time to grind and hope for one. Sure, they finally implemented Okri’s Challenges but this isn’t enough, as it does not fundamentally fix the problem. More boxes wont change the RNG.

Yeah, because buying a HAT is the same as purchasing in game power to roflstomp. /s
And we’re not doing pvp, here.

Also stop being so dramatic, I don’t have the time to grind forever and hope RNG favor me, and I’d happily bypass it with a couple of euros be the prices reasonable. In any case, you best be sending your spare money when you say stuff like this. It isn’t very tasteful.

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  1. Bdo is no roflstomp, you can buy crazy cosmetics for a lot of cash, because you cant get some good ingame… for a cash reason…

  2. Yeah its no pvp Game… it is a PVE Game where everyone should be rewarded for playing and Not through a cashshop.

  3. Lets say all new cosmetics come through a cash Shop… so a lot of ppl cant get cool looking stuff for their chars,because of no money or other reasons… why do you think , things like lootbox ea exists? Guys like you Supported this idea perhaps…

Give me your money and ill send you tons of drawed hats… You even can take them with you everytime everywhere… just maybe not to take a shower…

Pray for a cash shop in a Game… how mad youve to be because of some RNG…

Oh wait before i forget something…

600 hours gametime + no Time to Grind + 3 month game release…

Lets say…

24h x 92 days = 2208h

-8h work 5 days per week = 1688h

-8h sleep per Day = 952

So from about 952h freetime probably , you’ve spend 600h into vermintide 2 and you wanna tell me , youve 0 time to Grind?

Im on 300, but i wish i could have more time…

Holy Sigmar…this world cant be real…

Why on earth would I want to grind when there is no guarantee at all I will get something I want? This is the fundamental problem you purposely ignore or don’t understand.

V2 has terrible loot distribution, and is in no way rewarding unless you spend godless hours and you’ll maybe get a hat.

Just stop. You’re not following.

Purchasing cosmetics is at this point welcomed because of the unrewarding manner hats are handed out, not for achievements, not for completing challenges, but completely random with the exception of the few hats in Okri’s challenges.

3 euro vs 300 - 600 hours to get one hat?
easiest choice of my life

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