600+ hours, 300+ Levels, 0 cosmetics

Exactly my words, and they are true for all in this game, reds, hats, weapon illusions (yes, there are some non-red weapon illusions I’ve never seen after spending hundreds of hrs in the game), even oranges with good stats. Noone can tell me how many time should I grind before I’ll get what I want. And it kills all motivation to do it, to bad some beople don’t want to understand it.

150+ Comm chests opened since the patch, 0 cosmetics. I play for fun, not reds or cosmetics. But it’s getting a bit ridiculous, especially with red dupes. I honestly couldn’t care less about cosmetics unless they release really cool ones. The red dupes are exacerbating.


So it Kills your guys Motivation to play without good Drops? Why are you still Play then? A cash shop wont change the Drops …

“If i dont get my loot,i wont play anymore!”

What do you do, if youll recieve your loot? Quit also, just because you have no goal anymore?

And Yeah just ignore all other stuff… 600h of gaming in 3 month and you Cry about no time… it looks more like no rl…
Really… how “” have to be a Consumer, that he want a cashshop instead of a better dropchance/more content?
There aren’t even much cosmetics and theyre more freaky than shiny, thats why the chance is so low…

You didn’t even read what I said.


Dont worry they really aren’t understanding like anything you’ve said. I agree completely, the RNG has been quite a turn off.


In vermintide 1, you have not been shot down with weapons and other items. There you had to fight hard and could be happy if you got a good object or weapon. Also, it was a tribute when you saw that the other player was level 168, for example. In vermintide 2, the developers seem to have forgotten how to count, but there is a rain from objects, except for the cosmetic, this have probably just gone out. My feeling tells me: Vermintide 2 is a flop and has no real game concept. That’s also the reason we gave up the game 2-3 weeks ago. Unfortunately.

In vermintide 1 ist man nicht mit waffen und anderen Gegenständen zugeschissen worden. Dort musste man noch hart kämpfen und konnte sich freuen, wenn man mal einen guten Gegenstand oder Waffe bekam. Auch war es eine Anerkennung wenn man gesehen hat, dass der Mitspieler zum Beispiel Level 168 war. In vermintide 2 scheinen die Entwickler wohl das zählen verlernt zu haben, dafür gibts einen Regen aus Gegenständen, bis auf die kosmetischen, die sind wohl gerade ausgegangen. Mein Gefühl sagt mir: Vermintide 2 ist ein Flop und hat kein wirkliches Spielkonzept. Das ist auch der Grund, das wir vor 2-3 Wochen das Spiel aufgegeben haben. Leider.

brg, abc-gamers

Just wondering. Have OP got his cosmetic ?

I’d be ok with an ingame shop but only if you could buy stuff with ingame currency. Just ive use some coins at the end of each match and eventually everybody will have enough to buy what they need, without infesting the game with microtransaction garbage.


I’ve been getting a lot more hats since this DLC patch. Sitting at around 800 hours and close to 300 lvls just on the elf.

Total cosmetic hats,

  • 17 for Elf
  • 6 for Salty boi
  • 5 for Sienna
  • 5 for Bardin
  • 4 for kruber

I only have the 100 clear hats for the elf.

That’s weird… I haven’t seen any hat since the big content update back in May. I’m currently sitting at 400 hours and 2 hats (challenge/dlc chest hats not included).

I have gotten 26 cosmetics from chests in the 149 hours I’ve played. Not including challenge cosmetics. It seems like OP is just unlucky which is why making decisions on anecdotal evidence is ill advised.

I have 575 hours right now. All my characters are way over level 30. I still only got ONE cosmetic from the level up chests AND thats just a ugly cap for the dwarf ranger… My girlfriend has 81 hours in the game, not a single character on level 30 and still got two cosmetics so far. Additinaly her two cosmetics are really cool. Some kind of skull helmet for Footknight and a helmet for Handmaiden.
But i also have to say that i already got quite a few cosmetics frome the bogenhafen chests.

Edit: Just started the game to count how many chests i got so far.
Kruber level 67
Dwarf level 59
Elf level 65
Salt level 61
Witch level 57
additinally from okris challenges: 63 (If i didn’t misscount)

With what level do the characters start? Level 1?
That would mean i opened 368 chests. that are 1104 items

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507 hours; all level 30; kruber level 120, sienna level 89;

I have…

2 hats for HS, Bogenhafen bonnet and some other hat.
4 hats for FK, the skullface helm, scarred helm and the 100 champ+ one, also the DLC one.
Iron crown for Sienna plus the 100 champ+ one.

RNG is a bigger problem for others than for me.

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