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Why are lootboxes still a thing for this game? Why can’t we pick & choose what weapons we want to use & craft those exact tier of weapons - are we going to be getting a crafting system where we can craft red weapons? Is the RNG system, especially for rolling properties on items, going away anytime soon? Why do the Bogenhafen lootboxes unlock items for characters we’re not even playing on? Are there any Fatshark developers that play this game for fun & see these annoying characteristics about their own game? Will we get any feedback from Fatshark on their opinions on how lootboxes & the loot system has been implemented in their own game?

I’m asking these questions because right now the game is insanely annoying from a loot & crafting point of view. Playing the actual game is fun and that’s the only reason I do it, but it could be so much more enjoyable if we would stop being limited by the damn loot & crafting system. It’s such a huge waste of time trying to get the rolls I want on an item or not getting a desired item from rewards.

I have 251 hours into this game and still have not gotten Red Dual Daggers. Same with Red Dual Swords. I conveniently have Red weapons which I never use. Hell, I even got the Bogenhafen DLC as well, and as you guessed it, have not received the purple skin for Dual Daggers yet. I’m a Kerrilian main and don’t care much for the other characters’ playstyles, but I’m unlocking so much DLC stuff for all those other characters. What’s the point of this, besides just upsetting players? I have 1 cosmetic item for Waystalker & 1 cosmetic item for Shade, and many for Handmaiden (which I never play). Fatshark, why? Why must you implement this in the lootboxes? The grind is so much right now, it’s crazy to imagine that people will unlock any of these cosmetics before they get bored of the game.

Trying to unlock specific items in a large pool of items from a lootbox system is disappointingly hard enough, but on top of that you guys are allowing other character items to be unlocked too? This game is very difficult, which I enjoy, but I also really enjoy receiving rewards after winning the difficult matches. It just seems really unfair to work so hard in a game only to end up with items you’ve either already received or worse yet, items that don’t even apply to your own character.

What do you guys think? This game has been out for a long time now, would you all agree it’s time to get rid of the lootboxes & stop wasting people’s time? It seems like Fatshark is trying so very hard to make a fun hack & slash game into an annoying, loot-based game with insane grinds unnecessarily.


It ain’t going away. It may be flawed, but it’s done its job of ensuring that there remains a deathly loot-obsessed compartment of the playerbase. Sadly, if you were able to actually get all the loot you want in a straightforward fashion, people would be leaving the game even more than they are now, because the endgame is nonexistent.

The annoyance is what’s meant to keep you coming back. Ain’t a good system, but it seems to be doing its job. It’s because they made the reds glow, I guess, and most munchkins are like magpies.

And all along, it lulls you to remain unconscious of the fact that the actual loot in this game is total garbage and the few tiny percentiles the reds add to your meaningless properties are absolute table scraps, while the trait system could put you to sleep. The artificially boosted rarity of the reds is what keeps the loot exciting. If that were to be gone, it’d be way too obvious that there’s hilariously little variation between two copies of the same weapon with different properties and traits. All you get with a red is a version of a weapon that it takes a little less time to optimize to what you’re going to be using.

I’ve personally never cared about the loot. All I want from it is illusions, and I’ve seen most of them already because they copypasted 85% of them from V1. If you want advice for how to be more at peace with the system that is not going anywhere because honestly shartfart won’t be changing it 6+ months into the game’s life cycle - just face the fact that perfect property rolls border on meaningless (they SOMETIMES allow you to achieve breakpoints you probably can’t be bothered to calculate, and it OCCASIONALLY matters whether you have +3% crit chance or +5%) and that the game basically has a selection 5 traits across all its weapons (Parry, SS, Hunter, Conservative, Heatsink/scrounger + honorary mention for thermal). Pretty much the only things that ever affect how you use a weapon are attack speed, stamina and parry. Barebones doesn’t begin to describe it. Is it really worth caring that much about when it’s not even that good or interesting?

This loot you’re upset about not getting is trash even when it’s good. It’s not interesting, it hardly changes things, and what really matters is what weapon type you use.

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Should I call out “amateur” here? 666 hours in the game at the moment (\m/) and altogether I have 16 Red weapons, for various characters, including duplicates of some, and including a duplicate of a weapon I haven’t used since Champion. Yes, not getting what you want is annoying, but the mechanics are there for a reason. I do agree that the several layers of RNG present is too much, but if we could get the exact weapons we wanted, it would shorten the lifetime of the game for many people a lot.

Loot is really not that important in the game. I think it’s a bonus, instead of a purpose. After all, I play games because I have fun with them (and my friends), and if I feel I need to grind to get anywhere, I prefer something else. Even if you consider the red weapons’ use for character builds, your own skills are what make or break the run. The builds are there only to support those skills, and to make some aspects of the game fit your style better. You won’t win a Legend run (or any other fitting your skill and equipment level for that matter) with a build alone, and a skilled player can make any build playable. So I think the best you can do is to not focus on the loot as much, and just have fun playing. FS is working on Red crafting, and they may or may not install other safety nets against the worst of RNG (and I hope they do), but that’s not something we can help at the moment.


Let’s be honest, very little amount of gamers play one game for a very long time, the only exeptions are prety complex MOBA games with “endless progression” aka LoL/DOTA, or TCG.

If I compare VT2 with PoE (which IMO has lots of grind too) we see that there are some difference, craft in PoE is a lot less random and there is trade between players, if you can’t get something you need- just go and buy it from another player. As a result you can fully gear your starter league character within 40-60 hrs if you know game well, and it can take you around 100-150 hrs to do the same if you are more new/casual player. And you know what? I’m talking about starter character, every next one has a huge advantage and can reach endgame in something like 20 hrs. Comparing to VT2 600, 800 or even 250 hrs it’s nothing, and you know, even with my 800+ combined hero lvl in VT2 I still don’t have full reds even for 1 character, but how many dupes I have, oh lord…

Trading cannot work in V2, if only because there’s nothing to base an economy off of. POE has a lot of items with very varied effects, it’s an ARPG. V2 has a bunch of lame properties, only a few of which are useful, and only a few traits are really viable. It’s too weak to support trading in any real capacity, so it’s not even worth trying to implement it.

If loot actually really mattered, then that’d be a different story. As it stands, you don’t truly want reds because without them, your build isn’t complete. You want them to save some time on rerolling and because you want to feel special. Trading will certainly take that away, and it’s like, one of only two good things about the endgame loot right now…

I agree that just give “trade option” to players in current VT2 is a prety bad solution, but you know, we have no real improvements in morethat half a year, adding “dust conversion” didn’t solve everything, it just shows the uglyness of current loot/craft system even better. Before dust conversion I just didn’t have opportunity to reroll properties, when FS implements it I converted my few thousands of dust and start rerolling my reds and oranges… Jesus, how many time did I waste, and most of it was wasted for nothing, in the end I couldn’t get what I wanted.

If you think that current loot/craft system is OK suck my big shiny Guangxi Media Center

That particular jab was more meant to show even more hours in game and even less to show for it. And yet I take what I get, and I have usable versions of all weapons, even if I can’t effectively optimize most of them. I have mentioned it elsewhere, but I personally think that Veteran items are overvalued at the moment, and more importantly don’t feel unique. They’re just glorified Exotics. That may be one reason why I don’t care about them that much, but I still think the key here is not to play for the loot. More Reds (or getting the ones you want) also wouldn’t solve any real problems with the RNG, as true RNG will always screw some people over. No matter if we’re rolling reds or oranges, sometimes we will use 100 dusts to get that particular Property combination. Reds will just reduce the chances of that happening as you don’t need to care about the percentages; there’s currently no way to mitigate bad luck and it will still happen occasionally.

I have 41 red jewelry items, of which I only use 8. I’m not even excited to see a red drop anymore, I know it’s going to be a charm/trinket

Same here, but I wanna add a few words abot distibution, I have 18 necks, 18 trinkets and 7 charms, btw I use 6 charms and only 3 necklaces and 4 trinkets. Same shіt with weapons, I have 4 hagbanes, 5 Volleys, 4 Swiftbows, 5 SnD. On the other side I still don’t have 2h Sword or Spear, and have only 1 DnD and Glaive.

And it’s with the character I opened the majority of my vaults, I also have Salty boi with 5 red weapons and 3 of them are Falcions :man_facepalming:

This just shows how ridiculous the current system truly is, where as I who’ve got the most time played on Salty, have not seen a red rapier, red falchion or red two handed sword.

I have however, 5 flails, 6 axes, 4 repeaters, 2 crossbows and 2 pistols, and just hit 30 trinkets. :smiley:

We need a bounty board. Verm 1 got a lot of the item system right, and didn’t need to be changed much IMO


so when its coming the red dust? :’(

My only issue is that this game shouldn’t be so focused on loot. I know what you guys are saying, just ignore that & enjoy the gameplay. Thing is, I do enjoy the gameplay for the most part, but the loot has become part of the game in such an annoyingly pushy way that I, along with many people, cannot just ignore it. It’s like, “hey drive this shitty car & enjoy driving, just ignore the fact that it’s a shitty car.” The car is part of the driving experience, just like loot here is. At least currently.

Also, what are everyone’s thoughts on the Bogenhafen lootboxes? I think it’s crazy to unlock items for characters you aren’t even on when opening them up.

It’s a spit in the face if you ask me. I love FS, I love new maps, but I’m more than pissed with the “new skins” and the total randomness of the whole thing. If I open something with Bardin I want an actual skin for Bardin, not for Kerillian ffs!
But as @JLB said it, that’s their way of keeping us chasing after the loot… Pretty cheap trick.

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I play all the classes so I don’t mind the random part to much but I can totally see why others don’t like it, the hats and weapon illusions or ok but I find the skins are a waste of time.

The legend skins look nicer and are harder to get so the bogenhafen skins Don’t interest me at all, I am always let down when I open a bogen chest and get a skin.

I don’t dislike the dlc and am a big fan of the maps but I hope future dlc is handled in a different way.

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I have almost 10 trinkets, most useless item (two imho are pretty enough, 99% of the builds run res+crit). At least they should add a red dust to craft red items. Also as 3 red dust + other stuff = one red item.

The only thing that justifies how insanely stingy they are with rewards is that all their contents are unspeakably bad. Theyve got what, 40 purple glowing illusions? More recolored skins? Give me a break. I can’t believe anyone even bought the DLC to get this wordfilter.

I’m never buying Bogenhafen even if Fartshart redeem themselves and I can bring myself to even fling another penny over to them. There’s just no point. The rewards are so terrible they make the atrocious way they’re dispensed seem okay.

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The Bogenhafen Strongboxes are purposefully designed this way to frustrate you, only explanation. I also suffer from the RNG system giving me stuff I don’t use on careers I don’t even use. We all have the same problem. Why did they choose to design it this way, is beyond me. Devs sometimes make choices because they want to make players stop playing their games I guess!

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