The crating/lootbox system needs to go

How is it after 5 years of it being widely accepted by the community that the current crafting/lootbox system is abysmal, how is it Fatshark still hasn’t done anything to improve upon it?

  1. Emperor Vaults rarely give you red items, and when they do they’re always duplicates. (After 5 years I still have never gotten a red 2h Elf Sword for example)
  2. The crafting system is a bore and pointless time sink where you have to reroll multiple times to get the traits you want. God help you if you want to do this on multiple weapons/trinkets.
  3. Fatshark has already implemented a better craft system but never brought it to the base game.
    (i.e The Weave system to upgrade weapons actually is enjoyable to use.)
  4. It gets to a point no one cares to collect vaults/chests because they’re not worth opening, they only give you junk that clogs up your inventory you have to later salvage.Not to mention they’re boring to open after the 900th time.
  5. Last but not least, we have skins from Weaves and the CoW but no means to collect them and apply them to our weapons for any of the three games (CoW/Standard/Weaves)

Look, this system is tired and old, it sorely needs innovation.
I’d motion that we exchange the craft system with the Weaves one, Let us buy the traits/properties we want through the essence currency system that we already collect by playing the game, none of this RNG crap.

I’d motion we get rid of loot boxes and instead have a contract board that has randomly generated deeds, and if you complete the deeds you are awarded shillings. Collecting books and grimories can also award shillings post game too. If loot boxes were to stay, then they can also award shillings, the better the chest the better the reward.

With this new system crafting weapons will actually be enjoyable and flexible in between matches with your friends and we still will have a line of premium and fremium unique skins in Lohners shop that we can buy.

To be fair the current system in the game is leagues better than what they had in V1. I’ll admit that it would be nice to have the Weaves crafting system in the standard mode however I don’t believe that the current system is terrible, flawed maybe but not in desperate need of change. I do agree that they should find some way to introduce the weave skins into the standard mode, not sure why they don’t either have them unlock with weave crafting or just give you them for owning the Winds of Magic DLC. It’s the least they can do if they aren’t going to go back and change the weaves system. I’d also like them to release the purple skins for GK and OE, I’m not sure why they are still unavailable as there is no reason they can’t either be in Lohners Emporium or just given with the Cosmetic DLCs.

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I personally do believe the current system is terrible.
For one, it really is a time sink and a chore. If you’re missing a weapon/skin you need to grind for hours for the “chance” that RNG will grace you with what you’re after. Like I said, 5 years, still no red Elf 2h Sword. FIVE CRUDDING YEARS

Secondly, people don’t play V2 for loot boxes or the crafting system, they play it to kill rats and to experience the Warhammer universe. The craft system should feel like a deliberate system to design and build your weapons of choice to slay rats. Why on Earth do they think having a complicated and tedious system is a good choice? Most people don’t have the time for that.

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It’s definitely not the best system it could be but again if you’ve played Vermintide 1 it is a vast improvement from what that had by a long shot. I also don’t have a problem working towards crafting the best weapons I can, finally getting them makes it worth the wait, but I understand that it’s not for everyone.

5 years is deinitly a decent while, you must be quite unlucky, definitly not in Ranalds good books. I’ve been playing for just shy of 2 years now and I have almost all weapons in red, including DLC weapons. I’m sure you could have at least crafted one in that time, you did mention that you’ve obtained duplicates which can be converted to red dust and used to upgrade an orange Elf 2h sword. It’s not the ideal outcome but if you want it so bad that’s always an option.

Tedious, yeah maybe. Complicated, personally I don’t think it’s that complicated.

I also don’t think it’s that time consuming to use the current system, not instantanious but I wouldn’t say its a lengthy process.

One thing I didn’t mention before is that I agree with you that I think they should impliment more ways to earn shillings, like through deeds or challenges etc. I also forgot to clarify what you meant by CoW? Do you mean Chaos Wastes? CW? If so I don’t believe there are exclusive skins in Chaos Wastes, at least not anymore.

Edit: I don’t wanna seem aggressive in my replies, I’m just expressing my opinion, giving my 2 cents, and it’s totally ok to disagree, I can understand why you have your opinion. :slight_smile:

That’s a classic case of whataboutism, it’s irrelevant. We’re not talking about V1.

My point here is that is an unreasonable amount of time to ask from anyone. Literally years of our lives spent playing a game and we still don’t have all the veteran weapons? We’re not spending our time, we’re spending our life. That’s too steep a price Fatshark is asking of us. All of us.

Fact is I’m not even asking them to build a new and better system, it’s already there, built into the game. I’m just asking they implement it. So I don’t understand your hostility to the suggestion.

Edit: A more streamlined crafting system that respects the players time and doesn’t demand such a grind nor have such a reliance on RNG might help with player retention too.
Honestly, Deep Rock Galactic and even Dead by Daylight’s craft system is handled better than V2’s system.

I didn’t realise that I was giving off a hostile vibe, my apologies. I have no problems with them implimenting the Weaves crafting system, in no way am I against it. If they do impliment it, great! That’ll save players old and new a lot of time grinding and add more customising options.

In my opinion I just think that there are issues that are in more need of update/fixing at this current time. Pyro’s career skill is still pretty bad, missing the intended target most of the time and even when it does it’s pretty underwelming. Outcast Engineer could use some love too, not necessary but would be nice. I’d also like to see a weapons balance patch to bring some lackluster weapons a little more in line with the current good/decent weapons. Maybe even a balance of talents across most classes, improve some of the lesser chosen talents and maybe nerf some that are too stong.

With development and updates being as slow as they are atm, updates being multiple months apart, I think that there are other things that, again in my opinion, are maybe a little higher on the list of things-to-do. Again I just want to make it clear, I don’t disagree with your opinion, I agree that if they do impliment the Weave system of crafting that it would be an improvement.

Edit: I would also like them to go back and just completely revamp weaves and the Winds of Magic DLC as a whole because aside from the weapons included and the crafting system, it’s quite lackluster as seen by the reviews on the steam page. I think that weaves had potential to be really good but now they just collect dust and it seems a horrible waste to just leave them in their current state.

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Now I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t disagree with you either. I have basically every red item with the exception of the elf 2h sword, point being, most people who are still playing the game already have, say 1k plus hours, so they have what they need and with a player base like that, yeah the craft system, bad as it is, isn’t a priority. Such a QoL improvement is needed for new players more than it is for old. V2 isn’t attracting or retaining new players. Never really has sadly.

That said, yeah there’s a whole bucket list of things that need fixing. Including making a DLC that not only attracts old and new players but retains them too. For that though, I do think they’ll need QoL improvements. From gameplay, UI, and balance.

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Careful what you ask for,man. You might end up with Darktide’s crafting system and that’s almost definitively so much worse to the point where it drives away players almost universally and reviewers have said it should be gutted and removed entirely.


Yep. People have been saying how bad the crafting system is for years. It takes more than 7(+ depending on RNG) steps to roll a single item.

Athanor with challenges, or just leveling unlocks, to unlock weapons would be a better system imo.


I wanted to say exactly this. I’ve been very vocal about how bad Vermintide 2’s itemisation is basically since its beta, but after seeing what FS apparently considers an improvement with Darktide’s release, I’ve been reeeeeeal quiet.

So I’d rather have them not “improve” it from here on out. As clunky as it is, I can live with it. Right now I’m just hoping FS isn’t going to make a Vermintide 3, considering what their vision of a “fun” and “engaging” levelling and itemisation system is…

I do think the distribution of veteran weapon skins needs to be changed to not be RNG-dependant anymore. Even something simple like putting them in the Emporium for shillings would do.

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