Dear Fatshark - Crafting

I last played the game in February of 2023 and after 10 days back, I felt fairly educated in how to best roll up good weapons. I have spent 214hrs played.
1.3 million gold
20,000 plasteel
8,000 diamantine
8,000 melk money

And I feel like I have one above average set of equipment for each class and am nearly out of money. The crafting is very gacha and oppressive. I find myself frustrated and not wanting to play the game.


You know I actually have an entire thread about crafting? No need to start one just to cry about it while offering zero suggestions on how to fix it.

Negativity doesn’t solve anything.

feedback is feedback. and if someone left my game. I would like to know why. Its not my job to fix the meal if I’m served something of poor quality at a restaurant. I enjoy the game enough to explain why I’m returning my meal.


That’s a real Creative Assembly-esque reply there.


Hey man, it is clear they need help. Just yelling at devs to fix things doesn’t accomplish anything. Saying the same complaint they have had hundreds of time is not useful at all. Besides, this is general discussion, not feedback so they guy is in the wrong place if all he want to do is “explain why he is returning his meal.”

Like, how self-centered can you get? As if a complaint that is the same as many others have already made will magically make them realize “oh, yeah! We should do something about that!”

It is painfully obvious to everyone the crafting system is crap. But telling them that (something many have already said) accomplishes nothing so why not actually contribute to an existing discussion about how to revamp the crafting into something more satisfactory? They do, in fact, look at the forums after all and have implemented things suggested from the forums in the past so a clear post about how they may go about changing the crafting system in a way that players would accept is at least somewhere to channel displeasure into something more productive than this useless topic.

Who are you?


You can read.

havent seen you around bruh



Number of threads is a metric too.


have you seen @brosgw 's massive megathread on it? you gonna take the credit for that?

just pointing out the hypocrisy of telling somebody they can’t make a thread complaining about the crafting system because you already did, when 400 people before you made threads about it.


That is the crafting memorial. The discussion I had is specific. Condensed.

I didn’t say he can’t. What is your problem dude?

ya did tho


No, I said there is no need to start one just to cry about it. I said nothing about him being unable to.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I ask again. What is your problem?

He has his opinion, and stated his reasons why it feels bad to him. He doesn’t need to offer ways to make it better for his opinion to be valid or not. You don’t need to police that. And you don’t need to complain about people complaining. We’ve been down that road here 1000 times already. Just let him have his opinion.


So let me get this right. Your problem is I have an opinion that he should take other avenues to voice his opinion. Is that right?

The irony

I’m just here to police tone, your use of the word ‘cry’ is derogatory towards criticism and could be mistaken (very easily) as belittling or downplaying the criticism.

Half /s.


Oh, I was very much so belittling him. Thank you, officer.

Being frustrated is valid but this is the discussion section of the forums, not the feedback section. The only discussion to be had for this topic is: yeah I agree, no I don’t agree, and hey you could offer suggestions on how to fix it.

Now, if he had said this in feedback? I probably would have just hit the like and moved on. It ain’t like I don’t agree, I just get tired of people complaining and not even trying to offer solutions.