Crafting is still bad Fatshark

I came back after patch #13. The class changes are great, lots of fun there. Then I go to attempt to make a weapon I want to fit a specific playstyle and I am stopped my my tracks by RNG blessings, RNG perks and the crafting locks.

Can you just remove the locks please?


like many things, VT2 did it better…if only Fatshark would see reason…impossible…


Gamers always complain about RNG.
Then, if devs remove RNG complains evaporate… with gamers.

Current system is great. Believe me, you do not want to finish this game. You want to chase this godroll, even if it’s painfull and dissapointing.

You can argue, but deep inside, you know Im right.




You know Im riiight


no because I haven’t crafted anything other than a DLC weapon or two in like 700 hours on VT2, getting all of the stuff I wanted didn’t affect my desire to play at all, if anything it made me want to play more since now I have all the cool stuff I want


You know what?
I don’t believe you.

Either crafting was added after those 700 hours
Or you got all you wanted without crafting before it was added.

crafting was in from the beginning if I recall so idk what you want from me strange creature, being a slave to RNG is not enjoyable to me and getting everything I want is enjoyable to me

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You sound like uberplayer.
You know how this game should be.

Why won’t you go work in Fatshark as a Game Designer?

I do not associate with Swedish “people”

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Such a waist to Fatshark.

So you planning to goving out your ideas here for free?

yes I am a generous ideas guy I do not keep my ideas behind a paywall, Fatshark is FREE to use my FREE ideas to make their game good like VT2 as opposed to bad like DT

After the last patch I came back to the character wallets being fused together ; for a very brief time I had FUN because I spent my boatload of crafting mats very freely without worrying about collecting everything during missions, completing contracts etc.

Now I’ve run out. And I’m sad because switching up and upgrading my weapons feels like a chore again.

I guess that’s bye-bye for me for another 4 months ! See ya when the Vet is fixed.


Goodbye aroth68

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100% false
Vt2 crafting system as way less RNG (you can even get red weapon with 100% stat allocation and choose the blessing ) and ppl still play it right now …
Deep Rock galactik “crafting” has 80% of it as a skill tree with 0 rng and it feel great and DRG is regularly commended as the best game is the genra.



See you in a few days grinding your a55 off.

I just do not know what are you talking about.
Spent about 1k hours on Destiny 2 and about 4k on Warframe.
Darktide craft system is more interesting and less demanding than either of these games.

In Darktide, after about 400 hours I have almost everything I need, but still is looking for new gear with interest.

Idk how to make loot system better.
There are always group of gamers that wanna have all best gear day one. Idk what is the point in that.

Say thx Darktide has no artificial time gates for loot. At least not that many as other games.

bc worst system exist don’t mean this one is good …


That’s why your opinion should be rejected, Destiny 2 is mmo, Warframe is kinda mmo-ish grindfest. Your point of view is deformed. Darktide is just a regular horde shooter, there are no side activities or types of missions, there are no daily quests or faction reputation, legendary armor sets and no end game that closed behind gear lvl.

In Darktide, after about 400 hours I have almost everything I need

I spend like 1000 hours i think, to get several builds for every class. But i’m tide games veteran and my winrate is kinda high so no problems with materials/dockets. Regular people who can’t play a lot or can’t faceroll highest difficulties will touch such basic things like playble weapons after a few years maybe if they play all classes. Not even saying that balance changes can brick your gear.

So Fatshark should either convert DT to Destiny clone, or should put something different behind grinding, like cosmetics. RNG shouldn’t be such tedious for basic things like non-unique weapons.


Your opinion should be rejected, cuz you think that somebody’s opinion should be rejected.

Destiny 2, Warframe and Darktide are all games.
Games are used to entertain ppl.
You can collect resources in any of these games.

You can be efficient even with gray weapon in Darktide.
If you are not efficient and has no time for grind, play lower levels.

Why it is always nolifers who complain about “Regular people”???. Why regular people do not complain for themselves?

I know why. Cuz they are ok with this system.
The only people who are not ok are those who play that game 8 hours a day. Try to play something else maybe?

I guarantee you, you won’t be missed by this community.

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