The Crafting Monument - In defiance of naysayers

As I’ve said perviously in a post, crafting has come a long way, each time changing the power scaling of the game. First, the only thing you could do is double cross your fingers for the emperor’s gifts. That, and hope Melk got you the right item you wanted.

Later, you were able to change a blessing and a perk (and learn blessings that you could swap out)

Then we were given access to swap both perks or blessings OR one of each. Mind you, when we were given the ability to swap perks, we didn’t have to learn those either. At first, we had to repeatedly roll the RNG for it until it became free to roll on it.

We don’t have to do any of that now.

One could complain that you since you can’t get the perfect weapon due to lack of a pity system, that the crafting system is flawed. This would be true, if the main end-game content required the perfect weapons. Except, it doesn’t call for the perfect weapon. I’ve seen people doing them with profane (grey) gear.

Since August 7th, 2023 a major date for crafting, of the reviews received since that time, Darktide has received a score of VERY POSITIVE. With only 4% of ALL reviews (negative and positive) mentioning crafting in ANY capacity (good or bad) and of those reviews, it was split down the line on those who enjoyed what we now had opposed to what was there before.

“…You can tell a lot of love went into crafting it, and every time it comes on while swinging at hordes of heretics- the adrenaline starts flowing, and it leaves you wanting to shout ‘FOR ATOMA!!!’”

"…As of August the most recent updates have really improved a fair amount including crafting and adding super-serial difficulty (Auric Operations), both of which are m**ive improvements for the player experience. I now feel like I would recommend that friends buy this game, and I’m cautiously optimistic that future updates will keep adding positive improvements and fixes. Thumbs up from me."

“… With the latest patch crafting doesn’t come across as much of a chore for me, I kind of like it that I have something to grind towards for…”

“…Crafting is still random but it’s been mitigated to the point that it’s easy enough to get weapons and curios to an endgame-ready state. From there you can fish for upgrades. …”

“…The only downside with this game was that it did not have a full crafting system. This has since been changed. The newest crafting system feels good and provides many reasons to both use it and to acquire new items…”

“…There is an RNG crafting system, but it doesnt really matter that much; you can play on most modes with any gear you like…”

“…crafting is now decent and there are some fun skilltrees to mess with…”

“… A horde shooter with unmatched atmosphere. Smaller updates leading up to the beefy October 2023 update have addressed many player’s complaints regarding the weapon and crafting economy. …”

“…The new patch had made the game so much better. Build crafting is a thing. Leveling has a point. Get this game.”

“With the recent tech tree, and complete crafting system update; this game has gotten a lot more enjoyable to play. I highly recommend picking it up or re downloading it.”

“… It took its time unlocking things we now see commonplace like crafting or upgrading equipment, but at this point with the Traitors Curse being revealed for their anniversary, this is a game that has grown into something that fits the niche then even i thought it would…”

“… Crafting [is] much better than it was at launch!”

“…The game also has a progression system, where you can level up your character and unlock new skills and perks, as well as a crafting system, where you can upgrade and modify your weapons and gear. Darktide is a game that is a must-play for fans of the Warhammer 40K universe, as well as for fans of co-op shooters.”

These are just a few of the reviews that I have taken excerpts from that highlight satisfaction with the crafting system we have now, many in other reviews have praised the level of randomization in the modifiers section.

Another thread voices frustrations and concerns over the crafting system which holds more dated reviews that aren’t verified or updated post patches, but it does serve as a bleak reminder to FS how rocky the crafting system was at launch. With this massive tide of positive reviews in the past year, I’m sure FS is galvanized in the direction it’s taking the game.

With the advent of the crafting overhaul, I am excitedly eager to see what FS comes up with next and hold no expectations.

Keep up the good work Fatshark!

  • Every 5 days I’ll put up five more reviews that talk about satisfaction with the crafting system improvements.

Doesn‘t matter if some people like it.
Because the crafting system that we currently have, is still the polar opposite of what was advertised (and is still objectively bad design).
An improvement of the current system would also benefit those people who are already fine with it. So even if half of the playerbase liked the crafting system as it is, that iwould not be an argument against improving it.

If you only consider positive feedback, you will come to the conclusion that buying lottery tickets is a great investment.
Those who got lucky, will tell you that it is fine.
Same thing for those who do not have high expectations, or do not care about their build all that much.
Everyone else has an issue with it.


What a breath of fresh air.


There’s another thread that only considers negative feedback.

I don’t see the problem.

*subjectively. Obviously some people like it. One even cites enjoying the grind of having something to work to.

Half the playerbase are using outdated arguments to improve what’s already been improved by the other doom and gloom thread.

EDIT: The following is a rhetorical argument against those who desire the locks removed and looks at the disposition of the players who hate the current system that want those locks removed
Those who refuse to put in any time will hate it.
Those who can’t get what they want immediately will hate it.
Those who want the perfect weapon and cant get it will hate it.
Those who want to get the perfect breakpoints having researched how many attacks it takes to kill X minion with X weapon are a small niche (maybe 1-3 people in this forum have expressed that view) will hate it.

Everyone else recognizes the laws of diminishing returns.

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The problem is, that you do not seem to understand the difference between what different types of feedback mean.

Negative feedback indicates that something should be improved.

Positive feedback means that some people are fine with something, but it does not indicate that things must stay as they currently are.

Improvements benefit everyone.
Negative feedback tells you, what should be improved.


Equally, negative feedback does not mean that a system should be done away with completely, it simply demands change.

Positive feedback could equally reinforce what is.

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Thank you, I thought so! We need more positive reinforcement for what is awesome about this game - kept up with the same vigor as those who would say “fatshark lazy” “fatshark sowwy”



Buying hundreds of copies of the same weapon, then deleting 99% of them.
Upgrading tens or hundreds of copies of the same weapon, then again, deleting 99% of them.

Bad design.

Those who claim that the current system gives you something to work towards, are delusional.
There is no guarantee to get anything. No pity system.
You can literally consecrate thousands of items and never get the blessing that you want.

The current system does not allow you to work towards it.
Every single time that you upgrade an item, you start from 0.
No continuous improvement.

If someone wants that, they should be glad about people complaining, because that is exactly what people are actually asking for.

This is simply a lie.

Idk man… I think that if you can put in hundreds of hours and still get no progress at all, that is probably a reason to hate the system.
And it has nothing to do with „refusing to put in any time“ or „wanting to get things immediately“.
It is actually because those people are willing to put in time, and they are willing to get things slowly by working towards them, that they are hating on the current system. Because you can not work towards something, and you can put in hundreds of hours, but get nothing in return (while someone else crafts their first 5 items and gets 5 amazing rolls).


And that is what most people are saying, as far as i can tell.

Of course, some people have stupid demands, too.
That does not remove all of the reasonable demands and the reasonable feedback from existence.

There is nothing left for you to say, that has not been said by someone else.
There is no argument to be made for why the current system should stay as it is.
This is a case of something being as clear as it gets.


Bad design - to you. Subjective.

Those who want handouts will hate it.

True, that’s true. What blessing are you going for? Because odds are, you can get a t3 variant and it will suffice for any difficulty.

That’s a lie.
You can sacrifice weapon for the blessings to get the weapon you want.

Yeah, the half argument was a hasty generalization. The fact remains that the other thread uses outdated posts with no guarantee that those who have filed complaints have since tried the current iteration.

This is for people who view the crafting as the “END GAME” They get so busy being wrapped up in their weapons, they’re burning through auric maelstroms or aurics not enjoying the endgame content that is the ACTUAL game, because they’re deadset locked on the crafting mini-game. Someone getting 5 god rolls is just as likely as someone who doesn’t get any good rolls for anything ever. Those odds? Highly unlikely but still possible.

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Listen, dude.
FS themselves said, that their goal was to remove any unnecessary repetitive actions from the crafting system.

They achieved the opposite.
That is not subjective.
It is objectively not what they claimed to have intended.

Yes. Someone who wants hadnouts, hates it. So does anyone else, who is actually reasonable.
Your argument lacks any reason.
You are implying guilt by association.


I can say things until I am blue in the face and suffering carpal tunnels from typing just as you can. This isn’t an objectively bad system. It is objectively bad to those whose subjective tastes do not mesh with what is. And that’s totes gravy. But to claim this is objectively bad when it’s an appeal to personal tastes? Nah, there’s nothing objective about it. Especially since you don’t need the perfect weapon to do the endgame content.

Let me say that again:

Nah, there’s nothing objective about it. Especially since you don’t need the perfect weapon to do the endgame content.

AND if you do need the perfect weapon to do Auric Maelstroms and Aurics, maybe you’re playing at the wrong difficulty. If the endgame content was impossible without the perfect weapon, I would whole heartedly agree that the system is butt. Except, this isn’t the case. In fact, you can do aurics with profaned gear.

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The „you do not need it“ argument is old and stupid.
Stop repeating it.

The system is in the game, so we are supposed to engage with it.

Regarding the objectivity vs subjectivity…
As i told you just a few minutes ago, the system does the opposite of what FS claimed to intend with it.
That makes it objectively bad.

Now stop posting stupid things that have been debunked many times.

If you want to argue against something, at least come up with your own ideas, instead of regurgitating something that has been said hundreds of times, and was stupid every single time that it was said before.


Stupid because you have no counter for it.

It’s not the Main part of the game. You do engage with it. It’s not designed to be min-maxed. You’re actively attempting to do the impossible and complaining that you cant do the impossible.

Sounds like you need to update yourself on what the crafting system is, and what FS wanted with it. Things change all the time in development. This isn’t a shocker. This happens in NUMEROUS games. Getting stuck on this point is tired, and old.

Now stop posting stupid things that have been debunked many times.

Are you sure you’re arguing with your own ideas?

Long story short, if you’re upset you can’t get what you want out of the crafting system which is not designed to do what you want it to do, maybe this isn’t the game for you. * Especially since you’re getting upset about a part of the game that isn’t even its focus. It’s a minigame done in the pre-lobby.

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Feel free to post citations of FS stating their intentions regarding the crafting system.

What a great insight. Thanks.
Create a bad product → Get negative feedback → Change nothing and say “it was not meant for you” → Be surprised that numbers keep going down

This advice is just as good as “People only ever criticize you, if they are jealous.”.

You know… when those who really love the gameplay and most things about the game, are also the ones who do not like the crafting system…
Maybe it is not them who are wrong. Maybe it is just a badly designed crafting system.


Those who will left have left. Those who will stay are staying. We’re past the PNR for “Not for you.”

For THEM*. Not for everyone else who is fine with it and enjoy the game still. If it was objectively bad design, people wouldn’t speak fondly of it.

This is the part where we agree to disagree and move on.

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Btw, since you are seemingly against a crafting rework.

Do you actually have an argument against a rework?


So very against the crafting rework.

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Nearly everything else that you said, sounds like you are against it.


I’m not though.

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