New loot system

I want to spare a moment to praise the new weapon reward system of Return to Ubersreik. It’s probably fatshark’s best attempt so far, and something I consider a valid template for future releases. Way way better than the RNG feast of the first game.


The problem? According to feedback, new weapons are (in many cases) vastly overperforming. Thus I can’t buy the DLC yet, as long, as buying it would mean supporting a pay to win more philosophy.

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That’s going to happen with everything in every game. Like Death knights in WoW.
Alot of the weapons have been underperforming. Your statment doesn’t have any merit here.
From my experience only the elf and the wizards weapons are good enough to be considered OP.

The only thing better with V2 loot system is the ability to select for what hero you will get random loot and the fact that you get tree times the items.
But the crafting system turns these upsides around to be worse overall. As it is no longer possible to reliably get perfect rolls on exotic items making reds the only non trash items in the game and those are extremely rare, RNG dependent and drop duplicates in V2.
This makes it far harder for newer players to really play around with the loadouts and try out their own limits. (not to mention the hero power grind)

So if the desired outcome is measured overalll V1 wins this comparison unfortunately. I really hope that V3 will be different but I expect nothing.


I agree, that’s why I think this DLC’s system is a step in the right direction.

Nothing really strange about the new weapons being so tough, it’s not been balanced yet, I don’t think they want or have a pay to win mentality. I’m not a fanboy but their dlc policy (play when a friend hosts) is much better than most companies

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