V2 Chests vs V1 Dice

Just wanted to hear what you guys think about the chests compared to the dices from V1. I for my part think the only thing better, is that you get 3 items instead of 1, but overall the dices had much more atmosphere. The chests in V2 always remind me of Overwatch.

only thing good about v2loot system is u get more.

v1 had, as u’ve said, better atmosphere. it lets u see what red u’re getting. and u still had a chance of getting red item with no tome and no grim.

v2 just floods u with mediocre loots. its good to get u from zero to say fifty. and then it takes forever from fifty to one hundred.

also. we still had the obnoxious hero power to put up with. its there for an arbitrary game time played.

I wish they would exchange the looks again to be more like the old one. That you could see, which item you might get was also much better. You always knew, that you could get something. With the chests everything is hidden.

It’s true that Ranald’s Bones was more… immersive, let’s say, and looked and felt more interesting, having the appearance of in-game gambling. But I find that literally the only thing going for it. Getting good weapons directly was even more difficult than it is (nevermind reds), loot gain was far slower with one item per run and nothing guaranteed it was in any way useful, and frankly, seeing a glimpse of what you could’ve got had the RNG been a bit more on your side - in either direction - made it at times even more frustrating. And it certainly wasn’t that much faster than the current iteration either.

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But Chest also got a huge advantage compared to the dices.
A meme. The beautiful Ranald’s middle finger

I think on the other side it gave the feeling of the weapons being worth much more. You had fewer, but now I always have the impression of getting too much trash.

I like aspects from both systems but if I had to choose I’d pick V1’s on the condition that it also comes with the questboard and forge. V2’s has quantity and being able to pick which character going for it but otherwise the additional layers of RNG to actually get something you want is frustrating as all hell.

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I hate loot chests. I wish they’d just have copied V1 item system. At the very least bring back the bounty board. I miss working towards specific items I picked out from the ones in the board.

It would solve a lot of issues with duplicate reds and cosmetics never dropping if they added a bounty board where some of the more rare items would pop up now and again. It would also add back the sense of purpose besides just a endless grind.

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Bounty Bord was nice. But i apprechiate okris challanges as well.

Honestly i was often Frustration with v1 dice tossing.
Sometimes your loot dice or for that matter tome dice. Still rolled nothing. Effectivly making your full grim/ tome /dice run intoo an
Both grim /was unlucky and dont know tomes one. With a Red tfbow taunting you up 8n the corner.

Or you could Go lucky and dropp an Red for a Char you played once and didn’t like the playstyle.

I really am not a Fan of lootboxes. But with crafting,and getting essentialy 1,5-3 boxes with 3 items each per run i feel like i never really Go Out with nothing. Even an failed r und may Churn Out an recomendation chest.

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