V1 Dice & V2 Chests

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to hear what you guys think about the chests compared to the dices from V1. I for my part think the only thing better, is that you get 3 items instead of 1, but overall the dices had much more atmosphere. The chests in V2 always remind me of Overwatch.

The other thing that’s great about chest, is that you won’t do a perfect smooth run, see a red on the top of your rolls, only to roll absolute trash and get a useless thing.
Now if it’s trash, you get three of them so you can salvage them. If it’s trash, you still have a chance for one of it to be a hat (green or blue rarity) or a deed (even tho we need that rework to deeds). And on a perfect legend run, you have a 22% of getting a red, while on a perfect cataclysm I think it was lower (If I remember the dices right, grim were 6/6, tomes were 4/6 and loot dices were 3/6, so on a full run, you got 7% chance of getting the higher one, ~14% of getting the second best, and you weren’t even guaranteed they were reds)

So yeah, I like the atmosphere of dices more, but I find loot to be much more rewarding and less annoying in VT2. I mean in 300 hours of playtime in VT1, all maps done in Cata, but I mainly played Nightmare, I still don’t have the “7 good rolled dices” success on Steam (That’s also why I find it a bit funny when people call VT2 loot system thrash, imo it’s so much better than VT1)


I don’t really care for the loot system since it’s RNG. Perhaps if they put in a system to balance that a bit. Something along the lines of a box you can tick if you want Accessories or Weapons. Just that alone would help… I haven’t needed a Trinket, Charm or Necklace for the last 1000 hours in game. But I’m still missing that god damn Ex Sword for Kruber xD


@Winthiefow put out my sentiments pretty much exactly: The “feel” of Ranald’s Bones was nicer in VT1, and it seems to fit the world better, but that’s about it. The current system has more items found, can choose who you get stuff for, and no frustration about getting exactly the wrong result or just one success too few. And better odds for useful stuff to boot.

There are still several annoyances (mostly to do with the crafting system), and more loot with better chances leads to the loot becoming irrelevant sooner, but I vastly prefer VT2’s system.

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I liked the dice in V1 much better, thematically and just in general. That loot and crafting system had its frustrations but they were workable and getting good gear felt more feasible and important. It was still a lot of RNG but there were tools to avoid some of it (bounty board, decide to keep or exchange traits when rerolling, option to roll just for % improvement, etc)

Now just feels like “grind until I get lucky”, not very fun. And of course for anyone who plays a lot, getting a chest of 3 items after every mission, plus one per level up, plus more for deeds and okris just means that you will very soon be absolutely drowning in junk to salvage.

The “level up” sequence for the chests got old after the second time I saw it. There should really be a way to skip it.

The dice sequence got old too, but the music made up for it.

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