Loot dice - a question

Opening 100% chests and killing sackrat, a loot dice is guaranteed? And sackrat will spawn always?
Because we open at least 90% chests and we kill sackrat (when it spawns), but loot dices are so rare… we have also randal’s gift, and the game becomes too random.

Well, that’s what this game is all about. This is the development of the L4D idea, not Diablo or rpg style. Loot is just an addition, not core, to the whole game.

Imho, nope… this game should to reward your skills (killing with grims or finding chests); anyway I’m not here to talk about balance, I have did just a question.

No, there’s no guarantee of loot die/sack rats. It’s just a chance.

Basically, on the spots where bosses or patrols can trigger there is a chance it will instead spawn a sack rat (as I understand it). For loot die, it’s just a chance every time you open a loot chest - but a small chance. I think it was 5% in the first game? I would assume that the method remains unchanged.

there’s also a chance that the sackrat drops nothing.


You suggest that finding and opening chests is skill? Ok.
But killing with grims and tomes is rewarded at the end of every successful mission, so I don’t know what do you want more.

Imho, nope… this game should to reward your skills (killing with grims or finding chests)


yea i was too quick to judge, post withdrawn

No prob

Yes, to kill sackrat needs rapidity; if you waste time to find chests more special will spawn;
Anyway the points are:

  • tomes and grims should be enough for emperor (at least 50%);
  • I have did just a question, talking about balance is Ot.

Thanks guys.

Should have seen the first game. I’m perfectly fine with Ranald being a jerk some times if it means I never ever ever have to rely on virtual physics to get my loot again.

I regularly have runs where we get “lucky” and see two loot die, on top of 3/2 books and quick play, and proceed to still not get an emperor chest.

Much fun, very wow, engaging system.

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