Scam chest on Skittergate

We used to joke that this chest was always empty (implying that we were unlucky). But now I’m curious - has anyone seen anything in this particular chest ever?

Have you seen any loot in this chest?
  • Definitely yes
  • Not sure / cannot remember
  • Definitely not

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As far as I remember, it can contain a piece of ravaged art and/or a loot die. That’s more than enough loot from such an insignificant chest. Leave it be.


Darnit, so I am that unlucky XD

I´ve found bombs,art and dice in there.

Some chests have extremely small chances to drop stuff outside of loot dice. I recall a particular chest in Verm1’s Horn of Magnus of which people said that it never contained anything, but I found bombs in it on multiple occasions.

That being said, there are some chests that may be empty outside of dice. Does the chest at the start of the final event on Old Haunts ever contain any items aside of dice?


Found a dice once in more than 1,5 thousand hours

Art and dice in there - random

I have a tradition since V1 - by all means open ALL chests / crates and boxes on the map. Heh, it wouldn’t be easy to do if I didn’t play solo only. Living people are too inattentive and hasty.

But I can confirm - Loot Dice happen in this chest just like in any other.

I’ve only seen a loot dice in that chest but most of the time it is empty.

I remember finding supplies but it was so long ago something might have changed.

Yes, about as often as I’ve seen a loot die in the chest next to Skarrik’s throne. So perhaps about once per 20 matches? Perhaps even less - it’s hard to make an elaborate guess with such a low drop rates.


On the topic of scam chests:

Let’s talk about Into the Nest chest, the one after boss fight.
In my 1500 hours I think I’ve seen a loot dice there just once. That’s it. My party even took a screenshot to remember this moment because it was such a rare occurrence.


Tis true - now that I think back on it.

It’s often empty, but I’ve found stuff in it more than once. As it’s a “free” chest after the boss fight I’m ok with this one.

Well I have a teammate who has found stuff there few times too, but he’s on 3k+ hours into the game

I do have a fair amount myself. But my point about that particular chest stands. It’s virtually 0 effort and you don’t really need supplies at that point, so I think it’s fair. Other chests in other locations could be an argument for discussions, but all the same, it’s a bit low on my priorities of VT issues.