Finding Loot Dice In Bardin's Quarters Chest

So I’ve had a couple of cases now where I open the chest in Bardin’s Quarters and a loot dice pops up. Collecting it makes the same sound as when in the missions. It doesn’t appear to do anything at the keep and doesn’t count towards the die for the following mission.

My assumption is that the random dice spawning code for the missions carried over to Bardin’s chest.

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Just happens. I have the same assumption as you, I believe the game decides then and there when you open a chest if a loot die is inside it. It just so happens to do it too with Bardin’s chest.

The truth is very simple, they are Bardin’s lucky dice. You see it in the chest after he has won a game of poker against the elf. Elves may be ageless but they have terrible poker faces (which is why Kerillan wears a mask). Can’t fool a dwarf though.