Have you ever had a sackrat drop nothing?

This happened tonight, killed a sackrat and he dropped nothing at all. In my almost 800 hours of play that has never happened before. Do you think it might be a bug, or what he dropped fell through the floor?

Happened several times; now that we’ve started to play Twitch mode probably even more than I’ve noticed.

The Sack Rat drops (like most box contents) are random. Sometimes they seem to drop two of everything, sometimes they drop nothing. Most of the time, they drop one or two items, plus possible Dice. It’s just RNG, even if dropping nothing or getting more than three items is rare.


Ah ok then. I do remember at least one instance where the sackrat dropped 4 potions at once, so I guess that’s about as rare as dropping nothing at all.

I’d say that’s even less common. I’ve never had more than 3 of anything, but while I haven’t kept track, I believe I’d need more than 1 hand to count the times a sackrat was empty.

I just want to add to this: That they also only drop the two map dice. Meaning no more than two from any rats and chests in one run. :confused:

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