Should Sack Rats drop Ravaged Art?

This is just a repost from Steam.

I’ve read some people do not like when Weekly Quests involve collecting Ravaged Art, especially when they have already completed all of Okri’s Challenges involved with that. For other people, I suppose maybe they don’t like to deviate from the most direct or efficient pathing; I’m not sure, really. When art collecting was first added, I saw it as a way to give something back to the players who like to explore maps, which before then was seldom done once all book locations were discovered as they always spawn in static locations. However, I understand not everyone wants to risk extra horde spawns by poking around off the beaten path, yet still might like to obtain shillings or simply decorate the Keep.

In a way, I’ve realized that Ravaged Art fills the same role as Lore Pages from the first Vermintide, except with much more longevity for collecting them. There are many pre-set locations the Lore Pages and Ravaged Art can spawn at, but they are randomized each time and limited to finding at most 3 per run. However, in the previous entry we could also sometimes find Lore Pages dropped by Sack Rats, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that happen in this game with the Ravaged Art.

With that in mind, should we be given more incentive to shoot down those greedy buggers? Sometimes they are a great boon and drop multiple bombs or potions, convenient health in a boss area, or up to two welcomed loot dice. But, sometimes the sack rats only drop a single thing you don’t really need, or even nothing at all on rare occasion! Regardless, I imagine certain players might like to see a piece of art appear by the sack every now and then, even at a low drop chance.

I’m equally curious to hear if anyone would have any objections to the idea. I don’t know what the code looks like for the limitations on the number of items dropped, if Ravaged Art would “fill” one of those drop “slots” (can’t remember how it worked with Lore Pages in that regard) or if it would be more of a free and completely extra drop by itself. If it does occupy a drop (and I’m not sure if loot dice do this as well), that could potentially mean less chance of currently existing drops when art appears, but this is all theoretical pondering. Perhaps there are other negatives to some folks’ perspectives I hadn’t thought of as well. Yea or Nay, let me know what you think either way.