Man, finding the new ravaged art on Athel Yenlui sure is

…a pain in the art.

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Can’t disagree. So many runs and we found almost nothing…

Seems the art is always split into 3 sections of the map. There’s multiple spawns, but from what I’ve seen. You’ll always find 1 piece in the starting area which stretches to the ledge that drops down to the 2nd area with the first tome. In the 2nd area, I’ve found it all over the place. That area is so big. 3rd area seems to be from the tunnel/cave just after the 2nd tome, all the way to the huge tree before the final event.

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You probably shouldn’t be bragging about this. It’s a known exploit and Fatshark have already deleted and closed threads talking about it.

There are more exploits and so called vetaran players are not reporting player friendly bug

Like deed with selected map…
Like forcing joining bug to other player lobby…
Like getting qp with picking games…

I even saw some steamers abusing some glitchs they know and even they recorded it but none of these are not reported as we know

Yes it is bragging but my way to express to dev
Fix bug

I’d say there’s a difference between bugging a deed to let you pick a different map and using an exploit to unlock the new challanges in a few games.

The deed map change doesn’t decrease the difficulty. Using an exploit to unlock 30+ hours worth of challanges in a few hours is a pretty big difference.

Yes it is and there is no logic like some bug is okay becuz it affects little
Collecting art multiple times is not affect other players too

What i saw is some streamers using deed bug with war camp skip
Well… funny isn’t it?
To decrease deed clear time


…dude, you’re splitting hairs at this point and it doesn’t really matter.

Do Not Post About Cheats, Exploits, Trainers

It is expected and will be enforced that users do not discuss/post about cheats, exploits or methods of bypassing Anti-Cheat systems. Exploits can be raised to our support team over on

Guys pls I just made a bad pun about art pages

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Anyway i am not reporting how to use these player friendly abusings becuz i lost my trust for dev when they didnt ban hackers i reported
Why they using EAC…

Cool story… That doesn’t mean you should telling people how to exploit the game on Fatsharks official forum. This has been reported and FS are currently working on a fix, FS_Trelly just messaged me this afternoon about it. Showing people how to preform the exploit on the official forum is pretty ballsy.

I liked your pun :stuck_out_tongue:

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