Heroic Deed: Fort Brachsenbrücke(Veteran) ..... Well played Fatshark

… well played indeed … just bapshit crazy at the end without wanting to spoil anything. But really entertaining and satisfying to finish it .
Setting was

  • Harder roaming enemies
    -no respawn on player death.

I just wanted to compliment on that entertaining challenge , even with relativ high heroes for veteran it was insane … but lovely .

p.s. your deed designers are evil ;D

completed 2 deeds for Against the grain today. The first was really tough - roaming enemies to elites and NO PICKUPS. That was a real fun but we made it duo with 1 grim. 2nd one was Nurgle’s decay, when you take damage over time and die if knocked down - was a bit easy. Just speedrunning everything, skipping all mobs

i got the same one… maybe different map but the same modifiers.

At least it was 2 chests! but it was definitely more challenging then champion.

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