Not Always 3 Painting Parts

Fatshark, the grind is bad enough on this new “content” without the game deciding not to spawn the maximum of 3 parts on the map.

I know where all locations are on particular maps and the game is definitely not spawning 3 parts. Please fix.

I think in FS’s twitch stream they mentioned that some of the spawn points for the art were a little random and hard to find. So it may be possible that there’s simply a spawn point you haven’t found yet.

That said, you don’t need to feel rushed to find all the art as fast as possible. There’s nothing wrong with spreading it out over time and enjoying the game as you progressively unlock art. Have some fun, the art’s not going anywhere and there’s even a chance we could get more art pieces added to the game over time.


Nope, I know where all locations are. See here:
I’ve played one certain map many times over. 3 do not always spawn.

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Ok, if someone used a script to find the spawn points and other people are reporting that there aren’t always 3 pieces to find, I guess I’m wrong then.

I guess this could be a bug, though I still contend you don’t need to feel rushed to find them all, and could still spread it out over time. Anyway, I’m sure the community manager, @Fatshark_Hedge , will see this and pass it along to one of the teams at FS. Though it would be nice to know if this is a bug or a feature?

Well fix will be coming after 2~3 month

Same for the glaive block cancel I imagine.

Don’t be so cocky when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. The post you reference states that he hasn’t found more locations because he doesn’t want to keep reloading maps. There are clearly more than 12 spawn locations per map, as evidenced by the continuing trickle of new spawn locations.

There are 20 locations on every map and the game really seems to spawn 3 every game. I haven’t been cheated yet.

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