Add count of art pieces to tab menu

Similar to the tome, grimoire and loot die count you see in the tab menu in game, it would be nice to have a count of art pieces that are available each level and how many you’ve collected, considering one to three pieces can spawn per given level, so you’re not looking around for something that isn’t there. That or just make 3 pieces spawn every time.


Three pieces spawn every time. If you found three you can stop looking. My experience so far is that there is only one per segment of the map. Kind of like boss/patrols - can only be one (in theory)!

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Sometimes it’s happen to have two in one segment.

I read a couple post that said it was 1 to 3 but now I can’t seem to find those

20 spawns per map has been covered. On my part, whenever I have ended up with less, while actively looking for art, I haven’t checked all spawns.

In addition to this I would like there to be an option to display collectibles all the time, instead of just in the tab menu, or when the number of carried books changes.

This could be fixed with a mod.

That or maybe the devs could tweak it so that book numbers update instantly instead of the slow animation we get now. Like when someone puts down a book to drink a potion the indicator goes from 3 books to 2, then a pause, then 2 books back to 3.

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