Organize keep paintings by author

Or give us some way to organize them, it’s getting to be a rather long list.


AFAIK the author is always Catrinne

Nah, many are Marius Holseher (the 30 art ones) and there’s a bunch of other authors, and many are anonimous.

Having a Cathrinne and a Marius tab would be enough though

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Or order them by group. Portraits, Empire stuff, Khorne stuff, Brettonia stuff, Dwarf stuff, Events, etc…

I’m gonna necro my own thread. Having at least Cathrinne and Marius’ paintings on separate tabs might be handy to navigate the list.

For the SoT cosmetic pack and the Forgotten Relics DLC, the newly acquired paintings didn’t have the “new” tag in the list. I eventually found the Relics ones but I still don’t know where the SoT ones are.

It’s a very small issue, but it would indeed be nice to have some way of filtering the list.